Thunderbird Catalog Archive

This webpage provides an archival record of the academic programs offered at Thunderbird School of Global Management during the 2007-2008 academic year. It is a printable option of the original catalog for accreditation organizations, agencies and university offices for data collection, evaluation purposes and referencing.

The information and links presented in this catalog may no longer be accurate. For current catalog information, please visit the current academic catalog. Academic advisors, faculty, and students should refer to the current version of the academic catalog.

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2007-2008 Thunderbird Catalog
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School Name Change

Degrees Conferred

Table of Contents

A Note from the President

Thunderbird Mission Statement

Thunderbird Code of Honor and Conduct

Academic Degree Programs

Language Requirements

Technology Requirements

Non-Degree Students

Focus Areas

Explanation of Course Numbering

Required Non-credit Professional Development Seminars

MA-GM and MS-GM Core Course Descriptions

Focus Area and Elective Course Descriptions

Modern Language Course Descriptions


Thunderbird Overseas Experiences

Exchange Programs

Academic Dates and Deadlines

Academic Regulations

Graduation Regulations

Office of the Registrar Regulations

Student Record Regulations

Academic and International Services

Career Management Center Regulations

Tuition and Fee Schedule

Payment Regulations

Financial Aid

Institutional Marketing and Brand Management

Merle A. Hinrichs International Business Information Centre

Campus Safety and Security

On-Campus Residence Policies

Thunderbird Community Requirements

Disabilities and Special Accommodations

Equal Opportunity Policy

Grievance Procedure


Thunderbird Faculty

Board of Trustees


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