Curriculum Check Sheets 2004-2005


Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

General BIS Degree Checksheet

The BIS degree is offered through the Division of Undergraduate Academic Services, located at UASB, 2nd floor, (480) 965-1970. Academic advising is required prior to change of major, located at UASB, room 129, (480) 965-4464.

(Advising for concentrations: Students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor in each concentration for academic planning and course selection.)

Prerequisites for Declaring BIS Major

  • 56 hours of college credit must be completed. Academic Good Standing. Completed two courses in each concentration with a minimum grade of "C".  (These courses may be in progress at the time the student declares major status.  In progress courses must be completed with a "C" or better prior to enrollment in BIS 301).
  • Completed General Studies requirements for Mathematics and first-year Composition.


(Refer to catalog index for page number)

(choose two)

Architecture & Environmental Design

  • Architectural Studies
  • Design Studies
  • Interior Design History
  • Landscape Studies
  • Urban Planning

Business - Students may not use two concentrations from the College of Business


Fine Arts

Liberal Arts and Sciences

Public Programs

Interdisciplinary Programs

ASU East

Double Concentrations
(choose one)

* Students may not use more than one English concentration.
** Students may not use more than one concentration in the life sciences area – Biology, Microbiology, and Plant Biology.
*** Students may not use more than one Geography concentration.
**** Double concentrations are built on two concentrations or multiple disciplines and represent a complete BIS major; concentration areas in addition to the double concentration are not needed.
(C) Indicates program may award a certificate upon completion. Check with department.

Subject to change without notice
UASB 129 (480) 965 - 4464

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
evening hours Tuesday 5:00 - 6:30pm