Aerospace Studies (AES)

AES 101 U.S. Air Force Organization. (2) F
Introduction to U.S. Air Force organization, mission, doctrine, offensive, and defensive.

AES 102 Leadership Lab. (0) F
Emphasis on common Air Force customs and courtesies, drill and ceremonies, health and physical fitness through group participation. Corequisite: AES 101.

AES 103 Nature of U.S. Air Power. (2) S
Background on strategic missile defense forces, general purpose, and aerospace support forces in national defense.

AES 104 Leadership Lab. (0) S
Continuation of AES 102 with more in-depth emphasis on learning the environment of an Air Force officer. Corequisite: AES 103.

AES 201 Aerospace History to WWII. (2) F
Historical survey of events, trends, and policies leading to the emergence of air power through WW II.

AES 202 Leadership Lab. (0) F
Application of advanced drill and ceremonies, issuing commands, knowing flag etiquette, and developing directing and evaluating skills to lead others. Corequisite: AES 201.

AES 203 Aerospace History: WW II to Present. (2) S
Aerospace power from WW II to the present, emphasizing the impact of limited war and technology on roles and missions.

AES 204 Leadership Lab. (0) S
Continuation of AES 202 with an emphasis on preparation for field training. Corequisite: AES 203.

AES 301 U.S. Air Force Communication Management and Leadership. (3) F
The individual as a manager in the Air Force. Covers motivational and behavioral processes, leadership, communication, and group dynamics. General Studies: L2.

AES 302 Leadership Lab. (0) F
Advanced leadership experiences applying leadership and management principles to motivate and enhance the performance of other cadets. Corequisite: AES 301.

AES 303 U.S. Air Force Management and Leadership. (3) S
Organizational and personal values, management of forces in change, organizational power, politics, managerial strategy, and tactics. General Studies: L2.

AES 304 Leadership Lab. (0) S
Continuation of AES 302 with emphasis on planning the military activities of the cadet corps and applying advanced leadership methods. Corequisite: AES 303.

AES 401 National Security Institutional Policy and Strategy. (3) F
Emphasis on the broad range of American civil-military relations; the political, economic, and social constraints on the national defense. General Studies: L2.

AES 402 Leadership Lab. (0) F
Advanced leadership experience demonstrating learned skills in planning and controlling the military activities of the corps. Corequisite: AES 401.

AES 403 Topical and Regional Security Issues. (3) S
Formulation and implementation of U.S. defense policies; impact of technological and international developments in the overall defense policymaking processes.

AES 404 Leadership Lab. (0) S
Continuation of AES 402 with an emphasis on preparation for transition from civilian to military life. Corequisite: AES 403.

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