Aeronautical Technology (AET)

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AET 408 National Airspace System. (2) F
Airway facilities. Operations and communications, air route traffic control centers, and flight service stations. Navigation aids, airport environment, certification, and security. Prerequisites: AET 201 (or 222), 344.

AET 409 Nondestructive Testing and Quality Assurance. (1) S
Purpose of inspection and quality assurance. Theory and application of nondestructive inspection methods. Application of pertinent standards, specifications, and codes. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: AET 280 or MET 230.

AET 410 Aviation Safety. (3) F
Aviation accident prevention, human factors, life support, fire prevention, accident investigation, and crash survivability. Development and analysis of aviation safety programs. Prerequisite: junior standing; completion of 1 semester of literacy and critical inquiry (L1) requirement.

AET 415 Gasdynamics and Propulsion. (3) F
Introduction to compressible flow, internal and external flow, and aerothermodynamic analysis of propulsion systems. Prerequisites: ETC 340; MAT 262.

AET 417 Aerospace Structures. (3) F
Analysis and design of aircraft and aerospace structures. Shear flow. Semimonocoque structures. Effects of dynamic loading. Prerequisites: AET 300, 312, 320; MAT 262; MET 313.

AET 462 Ab Initio Theoretical Preparation VI. (6) F, S, SS
Last of a series of six courses providing theoretical background for ab initio flight training. Available to Ab Initio Airline Pilot Flight Management majors only. Lecture, recitation. Prerequisites: AET 362, 363; senior standing. Corequisite: AET 463.

AET 463 Ab Initio Airline Pilot Flight Training IV. (6) F, S, SS
Completion phase of ab initio airline pilot flight training. Student must demonstrate mastery of theoretical and regulatory background of flight activities and achieve a high level of competence as a pilot. Lab. Prerequisites: AET 362, 363; senior standing. Corequisite: AET 462.

AET 487 Aircraft Design II. (3) S
Basic aerodynamics and airplane performance analysis methods applied to practical design project. Prerequisite: AET 300.

AET 489 Airline Administration. (2) S
Administrative organizations, economics of airline administration, operational structure, and relationship with federal government agencies. Prerequisite: AET 308 or instructor approval.

AET 490 Advanced Applied Aerodynamics. (3) S
Study of fluid motion and aerodynamics. Essentials of incompressible aerodynamics and computational fluid dynamics. Elements of laminar and turbulent flows. Lecture, lab. Prerequisites: AET 312; ETC 100; MAT 262.

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