Environmental Analysis and Programming (ANP)

ANP 530 Computer Graphics in Architecture. (3) A Fundamentals of computer graphics programming in architecture, including graphics hardware, device independent packages, 2- and 3- dimensional transformations, and data structures. 2 hours lecture, 3 hours lab. Prerequisite: ANP 475 or instructor approval.

ANP 561 Architectural Information Processing Systems. (3) A Applications of information processing systems to architectural problems. Analysis of computing tools with respect to assumptions and theories. Lecture, lab. Prerequisites: graduate standing; instructor approval.

ANP 562 Information Systems for Facilities Management. (3) N Introduction to database design and implementation. Assessment of facility management problems from information system points of view. Seminar, lab. Prerequisites: ANP 477 or 561; graduate standing.

ANP 576 Community Housing. (3) N History, practices, trends, and forms of housing; includes growth of public programs, national and local programs, zoning law, housing distribution, planning principles and policies, design review, standards, and private development practice.

ANP 577 Housing Environments. (3) A Contemporary housing environments, housing types, and life styles as determined by user preference, density, development and property standards, cost, community and privacy, security, identity, movement, and the need for open space.

ANP 581 Urban Structure and Design. (3) F The nature and dynamics of urbanization and its relationship to architecture and urban design, including growth, decay, socialization, planning processes, and visual perception. Case studies. Prerequisite: professional-level standing.

ANP 681 Project Development. (3) F '96 Definition and elaboration of major ideas for implementation in ADE 622 Advanced Architectural Studio IV in relation to contemporary theory and practice. Seminar. Prerequisite: ADE 522.

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