Architectural Philosophy and History (APH)

APH 509 Foundation Seminar. (3) SS Historical, technical, theoretical, environmental, and professional issues in architecture. Lecture, seminar, field trips. Prerequisite: ADE 510.

APH 511 Energy Environment Theory. (3) F Solar and other energy sources in designed and natural environments; architectural, urban, and regional implications of strategies using other renewable resources.

APH 681 Architectural Theory. (3) S An examination of architectural theory. Emphasis on application of theory to practice. Seminar. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

APH 682 Architectural Criticism. (3) F An examination of architectural criticism, emphasizing specific methods of criticism and their application for aesthetic judgment. Seminar. Prerequisite: instructor approval. <

APH 683 Critical Regionalism. (3) N Critical inquiry in cultural grounding the definition of place in architectural theory and practice. Lecture, field studies. Prerequisite: APH 446 or 447.

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