Anthropology (ASM)

ASM 435 Archaeological Pollen Analysis. (3) F
Theory, methodology, and practice of pollen analytic techniques. Compares uses in botany, geology, and archaeology. 2 hours lecture, 3 hours lab, possible field trips. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

ASM 452 Dental Anthropology. (4) F
Human and primate dental morphology, growth, evolution, and genetics. Within- and between-group variation. Dental pathology and behavioral-cultural-dietary factors. 3 hours lecture, 3 hours lab. Prerequisite: instructor approval. General Studies: S2.

ASM 454 Comparative Primate Anatomy. (4) S
Functional anatomy of the cranial, dental, and locomotor apparatus of primates, including humans, emphasizing the relation of morphology to behavior and environment. Lectures, lab, dissections, demonstrations. 3 hours lecture, 3 hours lab. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

ASM 455 Primate Behavior Laboratory. (3) N
Instruction and practice in methods of observation and analysis of primate behavior. Discussion of the relationship between class work on captive animals and field techniques for studying free-ranging groups. Directed readings, 6 hours lab. Prerequisites: ASM 343; instructor approval. General Studies: L2.

ASM 465 Quantification and Analysis for Anthropologists. (3) S
Statistical, quantitative, and geometric strategies for envisioning and exploring archaeological, physical anthropological, bioarchaeological, and sociocultural data. Univariate and multivariate methods. Prerequisites: introductory statistical course; instructor approval.

ASM 548 Geoarchaeology. (3) F
Geologic context relevant to archaeological research. Topics include sediments, deposition environments, soils, anthropogenic and biogenic deposits, and Quaternary chronology. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

ASM 555 Advanced Human Osteology. (3) N
Laboratory and field techniques in dealing with the human skeleton. Emphasis on preparation, identification, radiography, sectioning, microscopy, and data processing. 1 hour lecture, 6 hours lab. Prerequisite: ASM 341 or instructor approval.

ASM 565 Quantitative Archaeology. (3) S
Formal methods of structuring, codifying, and analyzing data for archaeological problems. Designing research to yield data amenable to productive analysis.

ASM 566 Advanced Topics in Quantitative Archaeology. (3) F
Archaeological issues associated with quantitative analysis, e.g., Bayesian and Monte Carlo approaches, simulation, diversity. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: ASM 565 or instructor approval.

ASM 573 Lithic Analysis. (3) N
Analysis and interpretation of chipped stone artifacts. Focus on both techniques and underlying concepts and their application to real collections. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

ASM 591 Seminar. (3) N
Selected topics in archaeology and physical anthropology.
(a) Bioarchaeology
(b) Evolution and Culture. Cross-listed as ASB 591.
(c) Interdepartmental Seminar. Cross-listed as ASB 591.
(d) Physical Anthropology
(e) Primates and Behavior

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