Bilingual Education (BLE)

BLE 511 Introduction to Language Minority Education. (3) A
Historical, philosophical, theoretical, and pedagogical foundations of language minority education in the United States.

BLE 514 Bilingual/Multicultural Aspects of Special Education. (3) S
Theories and issues related to the education of bilingual and culturally diverse exceptional children.

BLE 515 Instructional Methods for Bilingual Students. (3) F, S
An introduction to general dual language teaching approaches. Focuses on the effective teaching of limited English proficient populations. Prerequisite: BLE 511.

BLE 520 ESL For Children. (3) S
Examines approaches to second language development for children congruent with recent research in second language acquisition in children. Prerequisite: BLE 511.

BLE 521 Primary/Elementary Communication Arts in Bilingual Education. (3) S
Examination of bilingual/biliterate development of elementary school children, bringing together native and second language, oral language, and literacy development findings with educational practices. Cross-listed as ECD 521. Prerequisite: BLE 511.

BLE 522 Literacy/Biliteracy Development. (3) S
Examines approaches to first and second language reading and writing for bilingual/second language learners from a whole language perspective (Spanish-English emphasis). Prerequisite: BLE 511.

BLE 528 Social Studies for Bilingual/ESL Teachers. (3) S
Provides language and instructional methodologies relevant to bilingual/multicultural students in social studies content delivered in Spanish and English. Prerequisite: BLE 511.

BLE 533 Reading-Teaching Bilingual Students. (3) F, S
Acquaints teachers with a sociopsycholinguistic perspective on first and second language reading and with strategies for reading development (Spanish-English emphasis). Prerequisite: BLE 511.

BLE 535 Sociolinguistic Issues in Bilingual Education. (3) F
Survey of major theoretical issues (e.g., language situations, communicative competence, language attitudes) interrelating language, social processes, and bilingual education. Prerequisite: BLE 511.

BLE 541 Nature of Bilingualism/Second Language Acquisition. (3) A
Bilingual and second language acquisition, with emphasis on children and adolescents. Cognitive, social, and cultural aspects are stressed. Prerequisite: BLE 511.

BLE 543 Bilingual Education Models. (3) A
Bilingual education programs in other countries; analysis of political, social, economic, and educational implications; practice in planning bilingual education curricula. See also offerings under MCE, SED, SPE, and SPF. Prerequisite: BLE 511.

BLE 561 Parent Involvement in Language Minority Education Programs. (3) F, S
Examines issues, approaches, and strategies for improving parental and community involvement in the schooling of language minority children and youth. Prerequisite: BLE 511.

BLE 580 Practicum. (1–6) F, S
Provides for practical application in school settings of principles of bilingual education or English as a Second Language. Special permission required.

Omnibus Graduate Courses: See omnibus graduate courses that may be offered.

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