Business Administration (BUS)

BUS 431 Business Report Writing. (3) N
Organization and preparation of reports incorporating electronic databases, word processing, and graphics. Prerequisite: BUS 301.

BUS 451 Business Research Methods. (3) N
Methods of collecting information pertinent to business problem solving, including design, collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of primary and secondary data.

BUS 502 Managerial Communication. (3) F, S, SS
Analysis of various business problems, situations, and development of appropriate communication strategies. Prerequisite: MGT 502.

BUS 504 Professional Report Writing. (3) A
Preparation and presentation of professional reports.

BUS 507 Business Research Methods. (3) N
Techniques for gathering information for business decision making. Selection, design, and completion of a business-oriented research project.

BUS 591 Seminar. (3) N
Selected managerial communication topics.

BUS 594 Study Conference or Workshop. (3) N

BUS 700 Research Methods. (3) N

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