Child Development (CDE)

CDE 430 Infant/Toddler Development in the Family. (3) F
An examination of the development of infants/toddlers, the socialization processes of families, and the interactions of these processes. Prerequisite: CDE 232 or equivalent. General Studies: SB.

CDE 437 Observational and Naturalistic Methods of Studying Children. (3) S
In-depth examination of implementing observational and naturalistic studies of children in a variety of settings. 2 hours lecture, 3 hours lab. Prerequisites: CDE 430; 6 hours of psychology. General Studies: L2/SB.

CDE 531 Theoretical Issues in Child Development. (3) S
Major developmental theories, related research, and their application to family interaction. Prerequisites: CDE 430 and 437 (or equivalent) or instructor approval.

CDE 533 Research Issues in Child Development. (3) S
An in-depth exploration and critique of research focusing on child development in a family setting. Prerequisites: CDE 531; FRD 500.

CDE 534 Applied Child Development. (3) S
Integration of child development research and theory to understand developmental problems and their relevance to intervention strategies. Prerequisites: CDE 531; FRD 500.

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