Computer Engineering Technology (CET)

CET 452 Digital Logic Applications. (4) S
Design of sequential machines using system design techniques and complex MSI/LSI devices with lab. Prerequisite: CET 350.

CET 456 Assembly Language Applications. (3) F
Programming using BIOS and DOS routines. High level language interfacing. Disk operations, TSR routines, and device drivers. Prerequisite: CET 354.

CET 457 Microcomputer Systems Interfacing. (4) S
Applications of microcomputer hardware and software. Special purpose controllers, interface design. Lecture, lab. Prerequisites: CET 354; CSE 183; EET 310.

CET 458 Digital Computer Networks. (3) A
Network technology, topologies, protocols, control techniques, reliability and security. Prerequisite: CET 354.

CET 473 Digital/Data Communications. (4) F, S
Signals, distortion, noise, and error detection/correction. Transmission and systems design. Interface techniques and standards. Lecture, lab. Prerequisites: CET 354; EET 372.

CET 483 UNIX Utilities Using C Language. (3) S
Applications of C language to the development of practical programs for the UNIX operating system. Prerequisite: senior standing in technology or equivalent.

CET 485 Digital Testing Techniques I. (3) A
Hardware/software aspects of digital testing technology; systems, board and logic testing and equipment. Lecture, lab. Cross-listed as UET 485. Prerequisites: CET 350; EET 310.

CET 486 Electronics Computer Aided Design. (3) F
CAD/EHDL for digital logic simulations and electronic circuit designs. Various software packages will be used. Prerequisites: CET 350; EET 310.

CET 552 Digital Systems Design. (3) S
Digital system design techniques and applications. Prerequisite: CET 452 or instructor approval.

CET 556 Computer Software Technology. (3) A
Assembly language programming techniques and operations, operating system characteristics, and systems software applications. Prerequisite: CET 456.

CET 557 Microcomputers and Applications. (3) F
Applications of small computer systems, mini- and microcomputer hardware and software. Prerequisites: CET 354; CSE 100 or 183; EET 310.

CET 583 UNIX Utilities Using C Language II. (3) S
C language applications using the UNIX operating system. Also Fourth Generation languages and other UNIX utilities. Prerequisite: graduate standing in technology.

CET 585 Digital Testing Techniques II. (3) F
Testing technology as applied to digital systems, boards, and chips. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: CET 354.

CET 586 Digital Modeling Techniques. (3) S
Digital system modeling and simulation using hardware description languages. Prerequisites: CET 350, 354.

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