Computer Information Systems (CIS)

CIS 420 Business Database Concepts. (3) F, S
Database theory, design, and application, including the entity-relationship model, the relational, hierarchical, and network database models, and query languages. Prerequisites: CIS 330; professional program business student majoring in Computer Information Systems or Accountancy. Pre- or corequisite: CIS 335.

CIS 430 Advanced Topics in Information Systems. (3) A
Advanced topics such as data communications, distributed systems, decision support systems, and artificial intelligence. Prerequisites: professional program business student majoring in Computer Information Systems or Accountancy; instructor approval.

CIS 440 Systems Analysis and Design. (3) F, S
Development of business application systems using structured and object-oriented analysis and design. Use and evaluation of CASE or other tools. Prerequisites: CIS 420; professional program business student majoring in Computer Information Systems or Accountancy.

CIS 502 Management Information and Decision Support Systems. (3) F, S
Fundamentals of computer-based management information and decision support systems. Prerequisites: completion of all first-year MBA courses; QBA 502.

CIS 505 Technical Foundations of Data Management. (3) A
Data and file structures for business data management; information processing using techniques supported by languages such as C. Prerequisites: CIS 335 and a computational programming language or instructor approval.

CIS 506 Business Database Systems. (3) A
Hierarchical, network, relational, and other recent data models for database systems. Processing issues such as concurrency control, query optimization, and distributed processing. Prerequisites: CIS 505 or equivalent; MAT 210.

CIS 510 Systems Models and Simulation. (3) N
Design of computer-based decision systems. Simulation as a research and decision-making tool. Prerequisites: MAT 210; QBA 502; a computational programming language.

CIS 512 Decision Support Systems. (3) A
Definition, description, construction, and evaluation of computer-based decision systems. Prerequisites: CIS 502 or 505 or QBA 505; MAT 210.

CIS 515 Management Information Systems. (3) A
Systems theory concepts applied to the collection, retention, and dissemination of information for management decision making. Prerequisite: CIS 335 or 502.

CIS 520 Systems Design and Evaluation. (3) A
Methodologies of systems analysis and design. Issues include project management, interface, organizational requirements, constraints, documentation, implementation, control, and performance evaluation. Prerequisite: CIS 505 or equivalent.

CIS 525 Artificial Intelligence in Business. (3) N
Development and application of artificial intelligence approaches to business problem solving. Prerequisite: CIS 505 or equivalent.

CIS 530 Information Systems Development. (3) A
Object-oriented and interprocess communication and control concepts for information systems; applications based on languages such as C++ and platforms such as networked UNIX. Prerequisite: CIS 505.

CIS 535 Distributed Information Systems. (3) A
Introduction to distributed systems and their impact on information systems in business. Prerequisite: ACC 587 or CIS 505.

CIS 591 Seminar in Selected CIS Topics. (3) A
Topics such as the following will be offered:
(a) Advanced Data and Knowledge Base Systems
(b) Distributed Artificial Intelligence
(c) Integrated Modeling Environments
(d) Organizational Support Systems

Omnibus Graduate Courses: See omnibus graduate courses that may be offered.

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