Chicana and Chicano Studies (CSS)

CSS 315 Chicano Family Structures and Perceptions. (3) A
Traditional and changing family relationships; emphasis on gender and intergenerational relations and impact of modern society on traditional family values.

CSS 330 Chicana and Chicano Politics. (3) A
Historical/contemporary analysis of Chicana and Chicano political ideologies, attitudes, strategies, and movements; relations with governmental agencies; participation in political process.

CSS 331 Contemporary Issues in the Chicana and Chicano Community. (3) S
Historical, demographic, and sociological overview of the status of Chicanas and Chicanos in the U.S. and of salient issues affecting that community.

CSS 336 Issues in Immigration and Migration. (3) A
Historical/contemporary overview of Mexican immigration into and within the U.S.; factors affecting population movement, settlement patterns, and migrants' incorporation into society.

CSS 340 Chicanas and Chicanos in the U.S. Economy. (3) S
Historical/contemporary analysis of Chicanas' and Chicanos' relationship with the American economic system; emphasis on impact of changing American economy on Chicana and Chicano community.

CSS 432 Issues in Chicana and Chicano Gender. (3) A
Analysis of social construction of gender identities; emphasis on impact of American and Mexican cultural values on normative gender relations.

CSS 490 Field Studies in the Chicana and Chicano Community. (3) A
Introduction to principles and methods of qualitative research applied to the Chicana and Chicano community.

CSS 498 Pro-Seminar. (3) A
Required course for majors on topic selected by instructor; writing intensive course related to the development of interdisciplinary research skills.

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