Dance History (DAH)

DAH 100 Introduction to Dance. (3) F, S
Orientation to the field of dance focusing on history, styles, cultural, and theatrical aspects of the art form. General Studies: HU.

DAH 190 Introduction to the Dance Profession. (1) F
Orientation to the dance profession introducing career options and university/department resources. Designed for Dance majors.

DAH 201 Cross-Cultural Dance Perspectives. (3) S
Explores the role of dance in various cultures around the world.

DAH 300 Introduction to Dance. (3) F, S
Course content same as DAH 100 but requires a higher level of accomplishment and comprehension. May not be taken for credit by student who has completed DAH 100. General Studies: HU.

DAH 301 Philosophy and Criticism of Dance. (3) F, S
Philosophical issues in dance and dance criticism, with emphasis on written analysis and interpretation. Prerequisite: 1 semester of First-Year Composition. General Studies: L2/HU.

DAH 401 Dance History I. (3) F
Cultural and theatrical development of dance from prehistory through the 19th-century Romantic period, including the early history of ballet. General Studies: HU.

DAH 402 Dance History II. (3) S
Cultural and theatrical development of dance from 19th-century Romantic period through Contemporary times. Includes ballet, modern, and musical theatre dance. General Studies: HU.

DAH 495 Dance Research Sources. (2) F
The investigation of various resources and methods for conducting research in dance. Seminar. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

DAH 496 Senior Thesis Project. (2) S
A culminating research project which integrates dance and a related field of interest. Prerequisite: DAH 495.

DAH 501 Philosophy of Dance. (3) S
Analytical and critical study of the implications of traditional and contemporary philosophies of dance regarding meaning, identity, form, content, genre, and style.

DAH 502 Cultural Concepts of Dance. (3) S
Cultural concepts; trends, economic, political, and geographical forces in major eras of dance history.

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