Design (DSC)

DSC 412 History of Decorative Arts in Interiors. (3) F
The design of decorative arts as an expression of cultural influences and as an extension of interior spaces. Prerequisite: DSC 311 or instructor approval. General studies: HU.

DSC 413 History of Textiles in Interior Design. (3) S
Cultural and historical expression of textiles as related to interiors. May include field trips. Prerequisite: DSC 412 or instructor approval.

DSC 422 Facilities Planning and Management I. (3) F
The facility management process in large-scale organizations. Planning, long-range forecasting, and productivity. Project management methodologies using micro-based software programs. Prerequisite: senior standing.

DSC 423 Facilities Planning and Management II. (3) S
The formation of facilities policies, procedures, and standards. The facilities database, space allocations, and management process. Evaluation of programming criteria. Prerequisites: DSC 422; senior standing.

DSC 442 Specifications and Documents for Interiors. (3) F
Contract specifications, documents, schedules, and bidding procedures for interior design. Prerequisites: DSC 341, 365. General studies: L2.

DSC 457 Acoustics for Interior Design. (3) F
Physical properties of sound. Studies pertaining to sound-absorbing materials, constructions, and room acoustics. Prerequisites: MAT 118; PHY 111, 113; senior standing.

DSC 458 Lighting for Interior Design. (3) S
Light as an aspect of interior design. Evaluation of light sources for distribution, color, and cost. Prerequisite: senior standing.

DSC 460 Design Project I. (5) F
Complete analysis of the product unit as an element of mass production, featuring marketing, technology, human factors, and visual design. Emphasis on professional standards. 10 hours studio. Prerequisites: DSC 361, 484.

DSC 461 Design Project II. (5) S
Product design, with emphasis in systems interaction. Culmination of design process and technique. Individual project direction is encouraged. 10 hours studio. Prerequisite: DSC 361.

DSC 466 Interior Design Studio V. (5) F
Advanced interior design problem solving, design theory, and criticism. Thesis project development based upon the major's concentration. 10 hours studio. Prerequisite: department approval.

DSC 467 Interior Design Studio VI. (5) S
Advanced series of specialized projects or continuation of thesis project based upon the major's concentration. 10 hours studio. Prerequisite: department approval.

DSC 474 Design Seminar. (3) S
Manufacturer's liability, statutes, regulations, and common law rules; role of expert witnesses; insurance and product safety programs. Seminar. Prerequisites: senior standing.

DSC 520 Contemporary Design Issues. (3) F, S
Projected applications in design production, planning, and decision-making processes. Lecture, seminar. Prerequisites: DSC 310 and 311 or equivalents.

DSC 524 Illumination and Acoustics. (3) N
Research and laboratory investigation of advanced illumination and acoustics issues of facility design. Emphasis on human factors and performance aspects. Prerequisites: DSC 457 and 458 or equivalents.

DSC 525 Design Methodologies. (3) F
Practical exercises and studies in problem-solving strategies; problem definition and supporting theory for the designer. Lectures, seminars, lab. Prerequisite: senior or graduate standing.

DSC 527 Modern Design Theory. (3) S
Aesthetic, political, economic, and social theories that have shaped modern design; theory as the basis for design philosophies. Lectures, seminars. Prerequisite: DSC 525 or equivalent.

DSC 529 Design Criticism. (3) F
Critical methods applied to design as material culture and human expression; evaluation of achievement versus intention. Lecture, seminar. Prerequisite: DSC 527 or equivalent.

DSC 544 Human Factors Systems and Documentation. (3) F
Advanced topics associated with theory and methods of human factors in design. Individual projects stressing problem organization, evaluation, and documentation. Lectures, seminars, lab. Prerequisite: DSC 344 or equivalent.

DSC 552 Computer Simulation in Design. (3) F
The use of computer graphics as a medium to develop and present images of the environment for analysis and perception. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: senior or graduate standing.

DSC 553 Computer Imaging and Visual Perception. (3) S
Issues and applications of computer simulation as a tool for describing and testing human interface with the environment. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: senior or graduate standing.

DSC 558 Daylighting. (3) N
Daylighting as a design determinant; concepts, techniques, methodology, experiments, and case studies. Lecture, studio. Prerequisite: senior or graduate standing.

DSC 580 Practicum: Methods of Teaching Design. (3) F
Background and development of design education theories. Concepts of studio teaching methods. Comprehensive student project development and evaluation methods. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

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