Design (DSC)

DSC 100 Introduction to Environmental Design. (3) F, S, SS
Survey of environmental design, including historic examples and the theoretical, social, technical, and environmental forces that shape them. Cross-listed as APH/PUP 100. General Studies: HU, G/H.

DSC 101 Contemporary International Design/Theory. (3) F, S
Survey of contemporary European, American, and Asian design in light of historical events, economic forces, cultural values, and aesthetic ideals. General Studies: HU, G.

DSC 160 Freehand Drawing for Industrial Design. (3) F
Freehand perspective drawing techniques of objects. Observation and visualization experiences. Light and shade. 5 hours studio. Prerequisite: major in college.

DSC 161 Technical Drawing for Industrial Design. (3) S
Orthographic and perspective projection, dimensioning, and basic descriptive graphic methods for designers. Principles of organization, layout, and technical lettering. 5 hours studio. Prerequisite: DSC 160 or equivalent.

DSC 170 Visualization for Interior Design. (3) F
Development of an understanding of drawing space and product: sequential development of 2- and 3-dimensional drawing skills. 1 hour lecture, 4 hours lab. Prerequisite: major in college.

DSC 171 Vocabulary for Interior Design. (3) S
Projects in the vocabulary of design, including color, composition, character, and form as related to design. 2- and 3-dimensional graphic representation. 1 hour lecture, 4 hours lab. Prerequisite: DSC 170.

DSC 220 Media for Design Development. (3) F
Graphic representation methods used to describe and analyze space; emphasis on quick presentation techniques. 6 hours studio. Prerequisite: DSC 171.

DSC 223 Interior Design Issues and Theories. (3) F, S
Interiors issues, theories, and philosophies. Emphasis on unique social and cultural factors that shape 20th century design concepts. General Studies: HU.

DSC 227 Visual Methods for Problem Solving. (3) F
Introduction to conceptual design activity based on the mind-eye-media feedback loop. Graphic language used to represent conjecture, analysis, synthesis of objects, and their contexts. Seminar, studio. Prerequisite: DSC 161 or equivalent.

DSC 228 Imaging and Visualization. (3) S
Design activities stressing graphic language abstraction practiced for presentation. Structure of criticism, including description, interpretation, and evaluation are discussed. Seminar, studio. Prerequisite: DSC 227.

DSC 231 Concepts for Interior Design. (3) F
Conceptual design development, including scale and proportion, light, texture, form, volume, and spatial hierarchy; passage and repose. 1 hour lecture, 4 hours lab. Prerequisite: DSC 171.

DSC 235 User Needs and Behavior in Interior Design. (3) S
Applications of conceptual design to issues of programming and space planning, user needs, and behavior. 1 hour lecture, 4 hours lab. Prerequisite: DSC 231.

DSC 236 Introduction to Computer Modeling. (3) F, S
Fundamentals of computer operation, geographic informations systems, geometric modeling of three-dimensional forms and rendering of light, mathematical modeling of processes using spreadsheets. Lab. Cross-listed as ANP/PUP 236. Prerequisite: major in the College of Architecture and Environmental Design. General Studies: N3.

DSC 242 Materials and Design. (3) F
Materials application in design. Introduction to characteristics and properties of metals and organic materials, including plastics and inorganic materials.

DSC 243 Process and Design. (3) S
Influences of industrial processing on design. Introduction to basic materials processing and post-forming processes. Emphasis on appearance enhancement and design constraints of material processing. Prerequisite: DSC 242.

DSC 260 Industrial Design I. (3) F
Introduction to the method and process of the industrial designer. Determinants necessary in small product design. 1 hour lecture, 2 hours studio. Prerequisite: DSC 161 or equivalent.

DSC 261 Industrial Design II. (3) S
Issues of physical form development related to product and design; form development properties of paper, fibers, wood, metal, and plastics. 1 hour lecture, 2 hours studio. Prerequisite: DSC 260 or equivalent.

DSC 310 History of Interior Design I. (3) F
The design of interior spaces as an expression of cultural influences to 1835. Prerequisite: ARS 102 or instructor approval. General Studies: HU, H.

DSC 311 History of Interior Design II. (3) S
Design of interiors as an expression of cultural influences from 1835 to the present. Prerequisite: DSC 310 or instructor approval. General Studies: HU, H.

DSC 316 20th-Century Design I. (3) F
Modern European and American design from 1900 to 1940. Emphasis on transportation, product, furniture, exhibition, and graphic design. General Studies: HU, H.

DSC 317 20th-Century Design II. (3) S
Modern European, Asian, and American design since 1940. Emphasis on transportation, product, furniture, exhibition, and graphic design. General Studies: HU, H.

DSC 318 History of Graphic Design. (3) F
Survey of development in the graphic arts, innovative printing methods, aesthetic values, and social and cultural environments that shape them. General Studies: HU.

DSC 327 Presentation Graphics. (3) F
Methods for portfolio and professional product presentation using graphic media for information transfer are studied. Aesthetic judgment, organization, and craftsmanship are stressed. Seminar, studio. Prerequisite: DSC 228.

DSC 328 Graphic Design. (3) S
Packaging applications and planning are investigated and applied to the development of an identity for a product line structured as a system. Lab. Prerequisite: DSC 327.

DSC 340 Interior Codes: Public Welfare and Safety. (3) F
Codes and regulations as performance criteria for interior design. Corequisite: DSC 366.

DSC 341 Interior Materials and Finishes. (3) F
General analysis of quality control measures relating to interior design materials, finishes, and performance criteria. Prerequisite: DSC 340.

DSC 344 Human Factors in Design. (3) F
Man-machine environment systems; human characteristics and behavior applied to design of products, systems, and their operating environment.

DSC 354 Principles of Product Design. (3) F
Influences of physical and mechanical concepts in product design; mechanisms, kinematics, and fastening systems. Concepts of analysis for product design. Influences of concepts on aesthetics. Prerequisites: MAT 117; PHY 111.

DSC 355 Plastics Design. (3) S
Mold design for part requirements; molded holes; threads; inserts; fastening and joining; decorating; reinforced plastics. Prerequisite: DSC 354.

DSC 360 Industrial Design III. (5) F
Methods of visual thinking, conceptualization, and ideation related to building skill levels in professional design presentation techniques. 10 hours studio. Prerequisite: department approval.

DSC 361 Industrial Design IV. (5) S
Emphasis on developing ideas into a complete functional product, including survey and application of aesthetics, human factors, materials, and manufacturing. 10 hours studio. Prerequisite: DSC 360.

DSC 364 Interior Design Studio I. (5) F
Studio problems in interior design related to behavioral response in personal and small group spaces. 10 hours studio. Prerequisite: department approval.

DSC 365 Interior Design Studio II. (5) S
Studio problems in interior design, with emphasis on issues of public and private use of interior places of assembly. 10 hours studio. Prerequisite: department approval.

DSC 366 Construction Methods in Interior Design. (3) F, S
Design theory related to analysis, materials, and building techniques of horizontal and vertical construction in interior design. Lecture, field trips. Corequisite: DSC 340.

DSC 412 History of Decorative Arts in Interiors. (3) F
The design of decorative arts as an expression of cultural influences and as an extension of interior spaces. Prerequisite: DSC 311 or instructor approval. General Studies: HU.

DSC 413 History of Textiles in Interior Design. (3) S
Cultural and historical expression of textiles as related to interiors. May include field trips. Prerequisite: DSC 412 or instructor approval.

DSC 422 Facilities Planning and Management I. (3) F
The facility management process in large-scale organizations. Planning, long-range forecasting, and productivity. Project management methodologies using micro-based software programs. Prerequisite: senior standing.

DSC 423 Facilities Planning and Management II. (3) S
The formation of facilities policies, procedures, and standards. The facilities database, space allocations, and management process. Evaluation of programming criteria. Prerequisites: DSC 422; senior standing.

DSC 442 Specifications and Documents for Interiors. (3) F
Contract specifications, documents, schedules, and bidding procedures for interior design. Prerequisites: DSC 341, 365. General Studies: L2.

DSC 446 Furniture Design and Production. (3) F
Design, construction, cost estimating, and installation in interior furniture and millwork. 1 hour lecture, 4 hours studio. Prerequisite: DSC 465.

DSC 455 Environmental Control Systems. (3) S
Survey of environmental control systems and their application in the design of building interiors. Lecture, field trips. Prerequisites: MAT 117, 170; PHY 111, 113; junior standing.

DSC 457 Acoustics for Interior Design. (3) F
Physical properties of sound. Studies pertaining to sound-absorbing materials, constructions, and room acoustics. Prerequisites: MAT 170; PHY 111, 113; senior standing.

DSC 458 Lighting for Interior Design. (3) S
Light as an aspect of interior design. Evaluation of light sources for distribution, color, and cost. Prerequisite: senior standing.

DSC 460 Design Project I. (5) F
Complete analysis of the product unit as an element of mass production, featuring marketing, technology, human factors, and visual design. Emphasis on professional standards. 10 hours studio. Prerequisites: DSC 361, 484.

DSC 461 Design Project II. (5) S
Product design, with emphasis in systems interaction. Culmination of design process and technique. Individual project direction is encouraged. 10 hours studio. Prerequisite: DSC 361.

DSC 464 Interior Design Studio III. (5) F
Studio problems in interior design related to commercial spaces. 10 hours studio. Prerequisites: DSC 365, 484.

DSC 465 Interior Design Studio IV. (5) S
Studio problems in interior design related to health and educational facilities. 10 hours studio. Prerequisite: DSC 464.

DSC 466 Interior Design Studio V. (5) F
Advanced interior design problem solving, design theory, and criticism. Thesis project development based upon the major's concentration. 10 hours studio. Prerequisite: department approval.

DSC 467 Interior Design Studio VI. (5) S
Advanced series of specialized projects or continuation of thesis project based upon the major's concentration. 10 hours studio. Prerequisite: department approval.

DSC 470 Professional Practice for Industrial Design. (3) F
Business procedures, management techniques, accounting systems, ethics, and legal responsibilities of the design professions. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: senior standing. General Studies: L2.

DSC 472 Professional Practice for Interior Design. (3) S
Business procedures, project control, fee structures, and professional product liabilities. Prerequisite: senior standing.

DSC 474 Design Seminar. (3) S
Manufacturer's liability, statutes, regulations, and common law rules; role of expert witnesses; insurance and product safety programs. Seminar. Prerequisites: senior standing.

DSC 483 Pre-internship Seminar. (1) S
Preparation of internship materials that produce and enhance a successful internship experience. Seminar. Prerequisite: 3rd-year major in the department.

DSC 484 Internship. (3) SS
Full-time summer internship under supervision of practitioners in the Phoenix area or other locales. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

DSC 520 Contemporary Design Issues. (3) F, S
Projected applications in design production, planning, and decision-making processes. Lecture, seminar. Prerequisites: DSC 310 and 311 or equivalents.

DSC 524 Illumination and Acoustics. (3) N
Research and laboratory investigation of advanced illumination and acoustics issues of facility design. Emphasis on human factors and performance aspects. Prerequisites: DSC 457 and 458 or equivalents.

DSC 525 Design Methodologies. (3) F
Practical exercises and studies in problem-solving strategies; problem definition and supporting theory for the designer. Lectures, seminars, lab. Prerequisite: senior or graduate standing.

DSC 527 Modern Design Theory. (3) S
Aesthetic, political, economic, and social theories that have shaped modern design; theory as the basis for design philosophies. Lectures, seminars. Prerequisite: DSC 525 or equivalent.

DSC 529 Design Criticism. (3) F
Critical methods applied to design as material culture and human expression; evaluation of achievement versus intention. Lecture, seminar. Prerequisite: DSC 527 or equivalent.

DSC 544 Human Factors Systems and Documentation. (3) F
Advanced topics associated with theory and methods of human factors in design. Individual projects stressing problem organization, evaluation, and documentation. Lectures, seminars, lab. Prerequisite: DSC 344 or equivalent.

DSC 552 Computer Simulation in Design. (3) F
The use of computer graphics as a medium to develop and present images of the environment for analysis and perception. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: senior or graduate standing.

DSC 553 Computer Imaging and Visual Perception. (3) S
Issues and applications of computer simulation as a tool for describing and testing human interface with the environment. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: senior or graduate standing.

DSC 558 Daylighting. (3) N
Daylighting as a design determinant; concepts, techniques, methodology, experiments, and case studies. Lecture, studio. Prerequisite: senior or graduate standing.

DSC 580 Practicum: Methods of Teaching Design. (3) F
Background and development of design education theories. Concepts of studio teaching methods. Comprehensive student project development and evaluation methods. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

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