Early Childhood Education (ECD)

ECD 522 Developmental Social Experiences in Early Childhood Education. (3) F
Materials, techniques, aesthetic expression, creative activities, and values in the integrated curriculum. Prerequisite: ECD 311 or equivalent.

ECD 525 Communication Arts in Early Childhood Education. (3) S
Problems and trends of current programs and oral language development. Effort to bring together language acquisition findings with educational practices. Opportunity for self-directed learning/study. Prerequisite: ECD 322 or equivalent.

ECD 527 Mathematics in Early Childhood Education. (3) F
Theory and practice in the use of manipulative materials for teaching mathematics to preschool and primary grade children. Prerequisite: ECD 402 or EED 380 or 402 or equivalent.

ECD 544 Play Education. (3) S, SS
Theories of play and the educational implications of each. Practical applications at the early childhood level.

ECD 555 Modern Practices in Early Childhood Education. (3) F, SS
Trends and practices, instructional and resource materials, and methods and techniques in early childhood education.

ECD 733 Social and Emotional Development. (3) A
Inquiry into the social and emotional development dynamics in children, such as peer relationships, self-concept, and parenting processes, with implications for teachers.

ECD 744 Evaluative Procedures: Young Children. (3) S
A critical examination and use of developmentally appropriate evaluative procedures for children from birth through age eight.

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