Electronics Engineering Technology (EET)

EET 205 Electronic Devices and Circuits. (4) F, S
Active device characteristics, models, and basic circuit analysis. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: ETC 201.

EET 208 Electrical Circuits. (3) F, S
Graphical and analytical solutions of electric circuits, transients, and sinusoidal excitation. Applications of circuit theorems and computer solutions. Pre- or corequisite: MAT 261.

EET 301 Electric Networks. (3) F, S
Analysis of electric networks, transients, steady-state sinusoidal frequency response, and transfer function using Laplace transforms and Fourier Series. Prerequisite: EET 208. Pre- or corequisite: MAT 262.

EET 304 Transmission Lines and Waveguides. (4) S
Theory and application of transmission lines, waveguides, antennas, microwave components, and impedance matching techniques. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: EET 301.

EET 310 Electronic Circuits I. (4) F, S
Multistage amplifier, analysis, and design using models and computer simulation. Lecture, lab. Prerequisites: EET 208.

EET 372 Communication Systems. (4) F, S
Systems analysis and design of AM, FM, PCM, and SSB communication systems. Noise and distortion performance of communication systems. Lecture, lab. Pre- and corequisites: EET 301, 310.

EET 396 Professional Orientation. (1) F, S
Technical, professional, economic, and ethical aspects of electronics/computer engineering technology practice and industrial organization. Lecture, projects. Prerequisite: junior standing.

EET 401 Digital Filters and Applications. (3) S
Analysis and design of digital filters. Time frequency and Z-transform techniques and waveform analysis. Computer applications. Prerequisites: EET 301; MAT 262.

EET 406 Control System Technology. (4) S
Control system components, analysis of feedback control systems, stability, performance, and application. Lecture, lab, computer simulations. Prerequisites: EET 301; MAT 262.

EET 407 Electrical Power Systems. (4) F
Electrical power systems analysis, generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization, including system protection. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: EET 208.

EET 410 Linear Filters and Applications. (3) A
Frequency response and feedback design of multistage electronic circuits. Active and passive filter design. Computer analysis. Prerequisites: EET 301, 310.

EET 420 Operational Amplifier Theory and Application. (4) A
Differential and operational amplifiers, feedback configurations, op-amp errors and compensation, and linear and nonlinear applications. Lecture, lab. Prerequisites: EET 301, 310.

EET 422 Electronic Switching Circuits. (4) A
Analysis and design of electronic circuits operating in a switching mode. Waveshaping, timing, and logic. Computer simulation. Lecture, lab. Prerequisites: CET 350; EET 301, 310.

EET 430 Instrumentation Systems. (4) F
Measurement principles and instrumentation, techniques. Signal and error analysis. Lecture, lab. Prerequisites: EET 301, 310.

EET 440 Electrical Power Systems Technology. (4) S
Principles and analysis of rotating machines, transformers, and related control equipment. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: EET 307.

EET 460 Power Electronics. (4) S
Analysis of circuits for control and conversion of electrical power and energy. Lecture, lab. Prerequisites: EET 301, 307, 310.

EET 470 Communication Circuits. (4) S
Analysis and design of passive and active communication circuits. Coupling networks, filters, and impedance matching. Modulation and demodulation techniques. Computer solutions. Lecture, lab. Prerequisites: EET 372; MAT 262.

EET 478 Digital Communication Systems. (3) S
Theory, design, and application of digital, data, and fiber optics communication systems. Prerequisites: EET 304, 372; MAT 262.

EET 482 Industrial Practice: Internship/Coop. (1–4) F, S, SS
Specially assigned or approved activities in electronic industries or institutions. Report required. Maximum of 10 credits. Prerequisite: majors only enrolled at junior-senior level.

EET 490 Electronics Project. (1–4) F, S, SS
Individual or small group projects in applied electronics, with emphasis on laboratory practice or hardware solutions to practical problems. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

EET 501 Digital Signal Processing and Applications I. (3) F
Applications of discrete-time signals and systems, design of IIR and FIR filters using computer aided design techniques. Prerequisites: EET 401 or instructor approval; MAT 262.

EET 502 Digital Signal Processing and Applications II. (3) S
Application of FFT, fundamentals of probability theory and random processes, and quantization effects in digital filters. Prerequisite: EET 501.

EET 506 System Dynamics and Control. (3) S
Time, frequency, and transform domain analysis of physical systems. Transfer function analysis of feedback control systems performance and stability. Compensation. Prerequisites: EET 301, 501 (or MAT 262).

EET 508 Digital Real-Time Control. (3) A
Sample data control techniques and applications to process control. Prerequisites: CET 354; EET 406.

EET 510 Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications. (3) F
Analysis, design, and applications of linear integrated circuits and systems. Prerequisites: CET 350; EET 301, 310.

EET 522 Digital Integrated Circuits and Applications. (3) S
Analysis, design, and applications of integrated circuits and systems. Prerequisites: CET 350; EET 301, 310.

EET 530 Electronic Test Systems and Applications. (3) F
Analysis, design, and application of electronic test equipment, test systems, specifications, and documentation. Prerequisites: CET 354; EET 301, 310.

EET 540 Electrical Power Systems. (3) S
Electrical power system analysis, transmission, distribution, instrumentation, protection, and related system components. Prerequisites: EET 301, 307.

EET 560 Industrial Electronics and Applications. (3) A
Analysis, design, and application of special electronic devices and systems to industrial control, power, communications, and processes. Prerequisites: CET 350; EET 301, 307, 310.

EET 574 Microwave Amplifier-Circuits Design. (3) F
Analysis and design of microwave amplifier-circuits using s-parameter theory and computer aided design. Prerequisites: EET 304, 470.

EET 576 Modern Telecommunication Systems. (3) F
Applied design and integration of microwave and satellite communication systems. Prerequisites: CET 473; MAT 262; or instructor approval.

EET 578 Digital Filter Hardware Design. (3) S
Hardware design of FIR and IIR filters, including adaptive filters, based on DSP chips. Develop new applications using DSP microprocessor systems. Prerequisites: EET 401; CET 354.

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