Family Studies (FAS)

FAS 431 Parent-Adolescent Relationships. (3) F
Dynamics of the relationships between parents and adolescents. Developmental characteristics of adolescence and the corresponding adult stage. Prerequisites: CDE 232; FAS 331.

FAS 432 Family Development. (3) N
Normative changes in families over time from formation until dissolution. Emphasis on the marital subsystem in middle and later years. Prerequisites: CDE 232 and FAS 331 or instructor approval.

FAS 435 Advanced Marriage and Family Relationships. (3) F
Recent research, issues, and trends relating to marriage and family interaction. Influence of family composition, physical environment, family patterns, and values on family dynamics. Prerequisites: FAS 331, 361. General Studies: SB.

FAS 436 Conceptual Frameworks in Family Studies. (3) S
Approaches to study families focusing on systems, interactional, exchange, conflict, and developmental frameworks. Applications to diverse individual and family situations. Prerequisites: CDE 232; FAS 331, 361.

FAS 440 Fundamentals of Marriage and Family Therapy. (3) S
Introduction to the fundamental orientations of marriage and family therapy.

FAS 457 Third-World Women. (3) F
Economic, sociopolitical, and demographic context for understanding the roles of third-world women in health, family, work, education, and community. Prerequisite: 6 hours of social science credit or instructor approval.

FAS 530 Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy. (3) F
Introduction of major marriage and family therapy orientations. Review history, theory, application, and outcome research for each orientation. Prerequisite: admission to M.S. program in FRHD with a concentration in family studies or instructor approval.

FAS 531 Family Theory Development. (3) S
Historical and current approaches to theory development, evaluation, and application in family studies. Prerequisite: FAS 435 or instructor approval.

FAS 535 Family Relationships in the Middle and Later Years. (3) N
Developmental processes and generational relationships of the family in the middle and later stages of the family life cycle. Prerequisites: CDE 232 and FAS 331 or instructor approval.

FAS 536 Dysfunctional Marriage and Family Relationships. (3) N
A critical review of current theory and empirical evidence connecting marital and family interaction patterns with aberrant behavior. Prerequisite: PGS 466 or PSY 573 or equivalent or instructor approval.

FAS 537 Interpersonal Relationships. (3) F
Critical examination of current theoretical and research developments in the area of interpersonal relationships. Applications for research and intervention emphasized. Prerequisite: FAS 435 or equivalent or instructor approval.

FAS 538 Advanced Techniques in Marriage and Family Therapy. (3) N
An in-depth review of assumptions and advanced techniques associated with contemporary marriage and family therapy approaches. Prerequisite: a graduate-level course in marriage and family therapy or instructor approval.

FAS 539 Research Issues in Family Interaction. (3) F
Critical review of current and past research in the area of family dynamics. Emphasizes interactional processes within the family. Prerequisite: FAS 435 or equivalent or instructor approval.

FAS 540 Assessment in Marriage and Family Therapy. (3) S
Instruction in the assessment and outcome evaluation of couples and families involved in marital and family therapy. Lecture, lab. Prerequisites: FRD 500 or equivalent; PSY 530; instructor approval.

FAS 580 Marriage and Family Therapy Practicum. (3) F, S
Supervised clinical experience in marriage and family therapy; includes development of assessment and outcome evaluation skills. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: instructor approval.
(a) semester (3)
(b) Second semester (3)
(c) Third semester (3)

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