Family Studies (FAS)

FAS 301 Introduction to Parenting. (3) F, S
Integrated approach to understanding parenting and parent-child interactions. Television course. Prerequisites: PGS 101; SOC 101 or equivalent.

FAS 330 Personal Growth in Human Relationships. (3) F, S
Personal development and behavior as related to competency in interpersonal relationships within the family. Processes of family interaction. Prerequisites: PGS 101; SOC 101 or equivalent. General Studies: SB.

FAS 331 Marriage and Family Relationships. (3) F, S
Issues, challenges, and opportunities relating to present-day marriage and family living. Factors influencing interrelations within the family. Prerequisite: course in psychology or sociology. General Studies: SB.

FAS 332 Human Sexuality. (3) F, S
Relationship of sexuality to family life and to major societal issues. Emphasis on developing healthy, positive, and responsive ways of integrating sexual and other aspects of human living. Prerequisite: PGS 101.

FAS 361 Introduction to Family/Child Research Methods. (3) S
Examines basic methods applied to family/child research, critiques current research literature, and applies methods in current topics. Prerequisites: CDE 232; FAS 331. General Studies: L1.

FAS 370 Family Ethnic and Cultural Diversity. (3) S
An integrative approach to understanding historical and current issues related to the structure and internal dynamics of diverse American families. Prerequisite: PGS 101 or SOC 101.

FAS 390 Supervised Research Experience. (1–3) F, S, SS
Practical, firsthand experience within current faculty research projects in family studies or child development. "Y" grade only; may be repeated for total of 6 hours. Prerequisites: FAS 361; 3.00 GPA in major; approval of supervising faculty member before registration.

FAS 431 Parent-Adolescent Relationships. (3) F
Dynamics of the relationships between parents and adolescents. Developmental characteristics of adolescence and the corresponding adult stage. Prerequisites: CDE 232; FAS 331.

FAS 432 Family Development. (3) N
Normative changes in families over time from formation until dissolution. Emphasis on the marital subsystem in middle and later years. Prerequisites: CDE 232 and FAS 331 or instructor approval.

FAS 435 Advanced Marriage and Family Relationships. (3) F
Recent research, issues, and trends relating to marriage and family interaction. Influence of family composition, physical environment, family patterns, and values on family dynamics. Prerequisites: FAS 331, 361. General Studies: SB.

FAS 436 Conceptual Frameworks in Family Studies. (3) S
Approaches to study families focusing on systems, interactional, exchange, conflict, and developmental frameworks. Applications to diverse individual and family situations. Prerequisites: CDE 232; FAS 331, 361.

FAS 440 Fundamentals of Marriage and Family Therapy. (3) S
Introduction to the fundamental orientations of marriage and family therapy.

FAS 457 Third-World Women. (3) F
Economic, sociopolitical, and demographic context for understanding the roles of third-world women in health, family, work, education, and community. Prerequisite: 6 hours of social science credit or instructor approval.

FAS 530 Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy. (3) F
Introduction of major marriage and family therapy orientations. Review history, theory, application, and outcome research for each orientation. Prerequisite: admission to M.S. program in FRHD with a concentration in family studies or instructor approval.

FAS 531 Family Theory Development. (3) S
Historical and current approaches to theory development, evaluation, and application in family studies. Prerequisite: FAS 435 or instructor approval.

FAS 535 Family Relationships in the Middle and Later Years. (3) N
Developmental processes and generational relationships of the family in the middle and later stages of the family life cycle. Prerequisites: CDE 232 and FAS 331 or instructor approval.

FAS 536 Dysfunctional Marriage and Family Relationships. (3) N
A critical review of current theory and empirical evidence connecting marital and family interaction patterns with aberrant behavior. Prerequisite: PGS 466 or PSY 573 or equivalent or instructor approval.

FAS 537 Interpersonal Relationships. (3) F
Critical examination of current theoretical and research developments in the area of interpersonal relationships. Applications for research and intervention emphasized. Prerequisite: FAS 435 or equivalent or instructor approval.

FAS 538 Advanced Techniques in Marriage and Family Therapy. (3) N
An in-depth review of assumptions and advanced techniques associated with contemporary marriage and family therapy approaches. Prerequisite: a graduate-level course in marriage and family therapy or instructor approval.

FAS 539 Research Issues in Family Interaction. (3) F
Critical review of current and past research in the area of family dynamics. Emphasizes interactional processes within the family. Prerequisite: FAS 435 or equivalent or instructor approval.

FAS 540 Assessment in Marriage and Family Therapy. (3) S
Instruction in the assessment and outcome evaluation of couples and families involved in marital and family therapy. Lecture, lab. Prerequisites: FRD 500 or equivalent; PSY 530; instructor approval.

FAS 580 Marriage and Family Therapy Practicum. (3) F, S
Supervised clinical experience in marriage and family therapy; includes development of assessment and outcome evaluation skills. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: instructor approval.
(a) First semester (3)
(b) Second semester (3)
(c) Third semester (3)

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