Finance (FIN)

FIN 502 Managerial Finance. (3) A
Theory and practice of financial decision making, including risk analysis, valuation, capital budgeting, cost of capital, and working capital management. Prerequisites: ACC 502; ECN 502; QBA 502.

FIN 521 Investment Management. (3) A
Valuation of equities, fixed incomes, and options/financial futures in an individual security and portfolio context; mathematical asset allocation approaches. Not open to students with credit in FIN 421. Prerequisite: FIN 502.

FIN 531 Capital Markets and Institutions. (3) A
Recent theoretical and operational developments in economic sectors affecting capital markets and institutions. Not open to students with credit in FIN 431. Prerequisite: FIN 502.

FIN 551 Financial Statement Analysis. (3) A
Analysis of corporations' financial statements to ascertain their financial strength and default risk. Emphasis is on studying cash flows. Lecture, cases. Prerequisites: ACC 502; FIN 502.

FIN 556 International Financial Management. (3) A
Behavior of real and nominal currency exchange rates, management of international investment portfolios, corporate exchange exposure, and hedging exchange risk. Lecture, class discussion. Prerequisite: FIN 502.

FIN 561 Financial Management Cases. (3) N
Case-oriented course in applications of finance theory to management issues. Acquisition, allocation, and management of funds within the business enterprise. Working capital management, capital budgeting, capital structure, and financial strategy. Not open to students with credit in FIN 461. Prerequisite: FIN 502.

FIN 581 Applied Corporate Finance. (3) A
Application of theories in corporate finance. Market efficiency, capital structure, "principal-agent" theory, corporate control, dividend policy, and capital budgeting. Prerequisite: FIN 502.

FIN 781 Theory of Finance. (3) A
Fundamental tools of financial economics; asset pricing, arbitrage, option pricing, capital structure, dividend policy, asymmetric information, and transaction-cost economics. Prerequisites: FIN 502, 521, 531.

FIN 791 Doctoral Seminar in Finance. (3) A
(a) Investments.
Investments and market theory; efficient markets hypothesis; option and commodity markets. Prerequisite: FIN 581.
(b) Financial Institutions and Markets.
Economic and monetary theory applied to financial markets and institutions; implications of financial structure for market performance and efficiency. Prerequisite: FIN 581.
(c) Financial Management.
Financial theory pertaining to capital structure, dividend policy, valuation, cost of capital, and capital budgeting. Prerequisite: FIN 581.

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