Cultural Geography (GCU)

GCU 421 Geography of Arizona and Southwestern United States. (3) F

GCU 423 Geography of South America. (3) S
Prerequisite: GCU 323 or instructor approval. General Studies: SB, G.

GCU 424 Geography of Mexico and Middle America. (3) A
Central America and Mexico. Prerequisite: GCU 323 or instructor approval. General Studies: SB, G.

GCU 425 Geography of the Mexican-American Borderland. (3) S
Geography of a binational and bicultural region. Examination of settlement, boundary issues, ethnic subregions, population change, industrial development, and urban growth. General Studies: L2, G.

GCU 426 Geography of the Former Soviet Union. (3) N
Prerequisite: GCU 121 or instructor approval. General Studies: SB, G.

GCU 433 Geography of Southeast Asia. (3) S
Examines the biophysical and social features of Southeast Asian nations and peoples. Prerequisite: GCU 326 or instructor approval.

GCU 441 Economic Geography. (3) S
Spatial distribution of primary, secondary, and tertiary economic and production activities. Prerequisite: GCU 141 or instructor approval.

GCU 442 Geography of Transportation. (3) N
Geographic analysis of world trade routes and transportational systems. Prerequisite: GCU 141 or 441. General Studies: SB.

GCU 444 Applied Urban Geography. (3) S
Designed to prepare the student for employment in planning agencies. Includes application of urban geographic principles to present-day planning problems. Prerequisite: GCU 361.

GCU 453 Recreational Geography. (3) N
Examination of problems surrounding the organization and use of space for recreation. Introducing geographic field survey methods of data collection and analysis. Saturday field trips may be required.

GCU 455 Historical Geography of U.S. and Canada. (3) N
Changing geography of the United States and Canada from pre-Columbian times to about 1900. Emphasis on evolving economic patterns. Recommended for social studies teachers and students of American history.

GCU 474 Federal Public Land Policy. (3) F Geographic aspects of federal public lands, policy, management, and issues. Emphasis on western wilderness and resource development problems.

GCU 495 Quantitative Methods in Geography. (3) F, S
Statistical techniques applied to the analysis of spatial distributions and relationships. Introduction to models and theory in geography. Prerequisite: MAT 119. General Studies: N2.

GCU 496 Geographic Research Methods. (3) F, S
Scientific techniques used in geographic research. Prerequisites: GCU 495; GPH 371, 491. General Studies: L2.

GCU 515 Human Migration. (3) F
Economic, political, social, and geographic factors underlying population movements. Migration selectivity, streams and counter-streams, labor migration, and migration decision making. Lecture, seminar. Prerequisite: GCU 351 or instructor approval.

GCU 526 Spatial Land-Use Analysis. (3) N
Determination, classification, and analysis of spatial variations in land-use patterns. Examination of the processes affecting land-use change. Prerequisite: 15 hours of geography or instructor approval.

GCU 529 Contemporary Geographic Thought. (3) S '97
Comparative evaluation of current philosophy concerning the nature and trends of geography. Prerequisites: 15 hours of geography; instructor approval.

GCU 585 Advanced Research Methods in Geography. (3) F
Specialized research techniques and methodologies in economic, political, or cultural geography.

GCU 591 Seminar. (1–3) F, S, SS
Selected topics in economic, political, or cultural geography. Field trips may be required.

GCU 596 History of Geographic Thought. (3) S '98
Development of geographic thought from Herodotus and Strabo to Humboldt and Ritter.

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