German (GER)

GER 421 German Literature. (3) F
From the beginning to classicism. Prerequisite: 6 hours of 300-level German. General Studies: HU.

GER 422 German Literature. (3) S
From Romanticism to the present. Prerequisite: 6 hours of 300-level German. General Studies: L2/HU.

GER 500 Bibliography and Research Methods. (3) N
Required of all graduate students.

GER 511 German Stylistics. (3) N
Art of writing literary German, comparative stylistics.

GER 521 History of German Language. (3) N
Linguistic development of German from the earliest records to the present.

GER 523 German Drama. (3) N
Drama of the 19th and 20th centuries.

GER 525 German Novel. (3) N
Special studies in the German novel.

GER 527 The Novelle. (3) N
Special studies in the German short story.

GER 531 Middle High German Language and Literature. (3) N
Reading and discussion of specimens of the Middle High German epics, romances, and other literary genres.

GER 551 Romanticism. (3) N
Treatment of early and late Romanticism.

GER 555 Modern German Literature. (3) N
Major works from the period of Expressionism to 1945.

GER 591 Seminar. (3) N
Special topics are concerned with a figure, theme, or work in German literature or Germanic studies. Topics may be selected from the following:
(a) Faust
(b) Germanic Studies
(c) Goethe
(d) Grass and Boll
(e) Hesse
(f) Kafka
(g) Kleist
(h) Schiller

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