Physical Geography (GPH)

GPH 401 Topics in Physical Geography. (1–3) A
Open to students qualified to pursue independent studies. Field trips may be required. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

GPH 405 Energy and Environment. (3) S
Sources, regulatory and technical controls, distribution, and consequences of the supply and human use of energy. Prerequisite: courses in the physical or life sciences or instructor approval.

GPH 409 Synoptic Meteorology I. (4) F '97
Diagnostic techniques and synoptic forecasting. Includes techniques of weather analysis, map interpretation, and satellite and radar analysis. Prerequisites: MAT 270; PHY 131, 132.

GPH 410 Synoptic Meteorology II. (4) S '98
Diagnostic techniques and synoptic forecasting. Includes techniques of weather analysis, map interpretation, and satellite and radar analysis. Prerequisite: GPH 409.

GPH 411 Physical Geography. (3) A
Introduction to physiography and the physical elements of the environment. Open only to students who have not taken GPH 111. Field trips.

GPH 412 Physical Climatology. (3) A
Physical processes in the earth-atmosphere system on regional and global scales; concepts and analysis of energy, momentum, and mass balances. Prerequisites: GPH 212 and 213 or instructor approval.

GPH 413 Meteorological Instruments and Measurement. (3) F '96
Design and operation of ground-base and aerological weather measurement systems. Collection, reduction, storage, retrieval, and analysis of data. Field trips are required. Prerequisites: GPH 212 and 213 or instructor approval.

GPH 414 Climate Change. (3) S
Processes that produce variations in climate over time and space. Includes changes in climate produced by human and natural forces and involves the analysis of climatic data to identify temporal and spatial variations. Prerequisite: GPH 212 or instructor approval.

GPH 418 Landforms of the Western United States. (3) A
Study landforms and geomorphic processes in the western United States, including lecture, topographical maps, aerial photographs, satellite imagery, and field trips. Lecture, critical inquiry, laboratory, field work. Prerequisites: GPH 211 or equivalent; completion of L1 class. General Studies: L2.

GPH 433 Alpine and Arctic Environments. (3) N
Regional study of advantages and limitations of the natural environment upon present and future problems involving resource distribution, human activities, and regional and interregional adjustments. Field trips are required. Prerequisite: GPH 111 or instructor approval.

GPH 471 Geographic Information Systems. (3) A
GIS as a basis for microcomputer spatial analysis and synthesis. Includes digitizing, database organization, spatial retrieval, and graphics. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

GPH 474 Dynamic Meteorology I. (3) F '96
Large-scale atmospheric motion, kinematics, Newton's laws, wind equation, baroclinics, vorticity, and the midlatitude depression. Prerequisites: GPH 213, 215; MAT 271; PHY 131, 132.

GPH 475 Dynamic Meteorology II. (3) S '97
Topics in climate dynamics. General circulation, numerical modeling, teleconnection phenomena, and surface-atmosphere interaction. Prerequisite: GPH 474 or instructor approval.

GPH 481 Environmental Geography. (3) A
Problems of environmental quality, including uses of spatial analysis, research design, and field work in urban and rural systems. Field trips are required. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

GPH 491 Geographic Field Methods. (6) S '97, SS
Field techniques, including use of aerial photos, large-scale maps, and fractional code system of mapping; urban and rural field analysis to be done off campus. Travel fees required. Prerequisites: GCU 102, 121; GPH 111.

GPH 511 Fluvial Processes. (3) A
Geographic aspects of fluvial geomorphology, with emphasis on river channel change, fluvial erosion, and sedimentation in the present environment. Prerequisites: GLG 101 (or GPH 111), 362 (or GPH 211).

GPH 533 Snow and Ice. (3) S '97
Processes, distribution, climatic interactions of snow/ice emphasizing mass balance, snow stratigraphy/metamorphism and glacier/snowpack climatology. Lecture, field work. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

GPH 571 Computer Mapping and Graphics. (3) N
Utilization of the digital computer in analysis and mapping of geographic data. Includes plotting, surficial display, compositing, and graphics. Field trips. Prerequisites: GPH 371; instructor approval.

GPH 575 Geographic Applications of Remote Sensing. (3) N
Use of imaging and nonimaging methods of remote acquisition of data, including satellite sensors, airborne radar, multiband scanning, conventional photographic sensors, and ground-based equipment. Field trips are required. Prerequisites: GCU 585 (or GPH 491); GPH 372.

GPH 591 Seminar. (1–3) F, S
Selected topics in physical geography. Field trips may be required.

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