Graphic Communications (GRC)

GRC 433 Production Techniques. (3) N
Systematic production planning experience. Lecture, lab. Prerequisites: GRC 333, 334.

GRC 435 Plant Management. (3) F
Concepts, practices, and processes used by the commercial printing plant manager relating to the operation of the plant. Prerequisite: GRC 135 or instructor approval.

GRC 436 Gravure Technology. (3) S
In-depth study of the market profile and production sequences related to the gravure method of printing. Prerequisite: GRC 336.

GRC 437 Advanced Color Reproduction. (3) F
Scientific analysis for the engineering of color reproduction systems used in the graphic arts industry. Field trips. Prerequisite: GRC 336.

GRC 438 Graphic Arts Techniques and Processes. (3) F, S, SS
Survey of production sequences and profile of the printing and publishing industry. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: junior standing.

GRC 439 Electronic Publishing Systems. (3) S
The study of electronic publishing systems and how text and graphics are integrated into a publication using desktop publishing technologies.

GRC 537 Current Issues in Quality Assurance. (3) N
Directed group study of selected issues relating to quality assurance in the printing and publishing industry.

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