Health Science (HES)

HES 100 Introduction to Health and Wellness. (3) F, S, SS
Current concepts of health and wellness. Cross-listed as EPE 100.

HES 305 Substance Abuse. (3) F
General properties, principles of action, and behavioral effects of psychoactive drugs. Focuses on how substances affect health of humans.

HES 382 Introduction to Public Health. (3) N
Public and community health is examined, including governmental, voluntary, and community agency activities that promote health among populations.

HES 505 Drug Dependency: Perspectives and Approaches. (3) S
Classification of mood-modifying substances in terms of effects. Motivational and social forces contributing to the dynamics of the problem; control and treatment.

Students who satisfactorily complete selected HES 494 courses are eligible to qualify for a certificate of accomplishment from the Centers for Disease Control, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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