History and Philosophy of Science (HPS)

HPS 322 History of Science. (3) F
Development and application of scientific thinking from ancient times through the 17th century. General Studies: HU, H.

HPS 323 History of Science. (3) S
Development and application of scientific thinking from the 18th century to the present. General Studies: HU, H.

HPS 325 History of Chinese Science. (3) S
Explores development of traditional Chinese science in the context of Chinese thought and society and in comparison with developments elsewhere. Lecture, discussion. Cross-listed as HIS 309.

HPS 330 History of Biology: Conflicts and Controversies. (3) A
Focuses on the 19th and 20th centuries, considering biology as a discipline, evolution, and problems of heredity, development, and cell theory. Cross-listed as ZOL 316. General Studies: H.

HPS 331 History of Medicine. (3) A
Scientific study of the human body, changing theories of disease, evolution of practical opinions on treatment, and the emerging institutionalization of medical practice. Students may receive credit for this course and BIO 218. Cross-listed as ZOL 318. General Studies: H.

HPS 402 Technology, Society, and Human Values. (3) A
Values that motivate humankind to create technology. Areas of conflict and resolution of conflict between values and technology. Readings and discussions with visiting lecturers. Prerequisite: junior standing.

HPS 410 Professional Values in Science. (2–3) A
Considers issues related to values in science such as collaboration, finances, legal issues, media, mentoring, ownership of ideas, scientific integrity. Discussion, student projects. Cross-listed as BIO 410.

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