Humanities (HUM)

HUM 420 Interpreting Latin America. (3) S
Introduction to protocols and methodologies for cultural interpretation of Latin America, with emphasis on four principal cities as cultural space.

HUM 440 Los Angeles and Cultural Theory. (3) S
Analysis of representations of Los Angeles in literary, film, and musical texts and broader implications for contemporary American society.

HUM 450 Technology and Culture. (3) S
Explores sociocultural, ideological, postmodern implications of technology and the role technology plays in social constructions as well as the spaces it creates. Seminar discussion.

HUM 460 Postmodern Culture and Interpretation. (3) F
Currents and interpretations of postmodern culture; international, comparative perspective on the culture and traditions of contemporary "Europes" and "Americas." Seminar discussion.

HUM 462 Psychoanalysis and Culture. (3) F
Introduction to intellectual history of psychoanalytic movement of twentieth century and its contribution to humanities disciplines.

HUM 465 Narrative in the Human Sciences. (3) F
Theories of narrative and narrativity in the Humanities, concentrating on the problems of specific disciplines and interdisciplinary solutions.

HUM 511 Structures of Knowledge. (3) F
Theories and examples of structures of knowledge, including such topics as metaphor, semiotics, and knowledge of the "other."

HUM 512 Writing Cultures. (3) S
Theories and methods of representing Western and non-Western cultures in literature, history, ethnography, and pictorial media.

HUM 513 Interpretation of Cultures. (3) A
Methodologies and comparative theories for the study of relationships between various aspects of culture, the history of ideas, and the arts. May be repeated for a total of 6 semester hours, when topics vary.

HUM 549 Contemporary Critical Theory. (3) F
An advanced survey of major schools of 20th-century literary and critical theory. Lecture, discussion. Cross-listed as ENG 502.

HUM 591 Seminar. (3) A
Topics include
(a) Comedy: Meaning and Form
(b) Theory and Culture
(c) Tragedy: Meaning and Form

HUM 598 Special Topics in the Humanities. (3) N
Open to all students. Topics include
(a) American Fine Arts
(b) Comparative Fine and Performing Arts
(c) Cultures of Ethnic Minorities
(d) Non-Western Cultures
(e) Western Historical or Contemporary Cultures

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