International Business Studies (IBS)

IBS 300 Principles of International Business. (3) A
Multidisciplinary analysis of international economic and financial environment. Operations of multinational firms and their interaction with home and host societies. Prerequisite: ECN 112. General Studies: G.

IBS 306 Survey of International Economics. (3) A
Survey of international trade issues, commercial policy, trade theory, customs unions, and international monetary topics. Not for Economics majors. Lecture, discussion. Cross listed as ECN 306. Prerequisites: ECN 111 or 112; 2.0 ASU GPA; junior standing. General Studies: SB.

IBS 400 Cultural Factors in International Business. (3) S
Anthropological perspectives on international business relations; applied principles of cross-cultural communication and management; regional approaches to culture and business. Cross-listed as ASB 400. General Studies: G.

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