Interactive Computer Graphics (ICG)

ICG 412 Computer Graphics Modeling. (3) F
Establishing and manipulating 3-dimensional computer models. Applications, including solids modeling concepts, design analysis, dynamic simulation, and graphic data exchange files. Lecture, lab, field trips. Prerequisite: ICG 312. General Studies: N3.

ICG 413 MicroCADD Applications. (3) F
Student selected modules, including architectural, construction, civil utility, and electronic drawing; mechanical manufacturing, animation, computer graphics, and others. Lecture, lab, field trips. Prerequisite: ICG 212.

ICG 417 Graphics Systems Management. (3) S
Planning, implementing, and managing computer graphics systems. Applications, needs assessment, analysis of components, system ergonomics, interfacing, maintenance, and human resources management. Lecture, lab, field trips. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

ICG 461 Computer Animation. (3) F
Fundamental technology used in creating 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional animation through modeling, scripting, and rendering as related to engineering simulation. Lecture, lab, field trips. Prerequisite: ICG 310 or instructor approval.

ICG 517 Graphics Systems Development. (3) S
Research and development in computer graphics systems. Applied project management, development, evaluation, and implementation. Lecture, lab, field trips. Prerequisite: ICG 412 or instructor approval.

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