Industrial and Management Systems Engineering (IEE)

IEE 505 Applications Engineering. (3) F
Develop working knowledge of application systems development tools needed for computer integrated enterprise. Includes techniques for application generation in fourth and fifth generation software environments. Topics include client server network systems, decision support systems, and transaction systems in distributed environment.

IEE 506 Statistics and Probability for Engineers. (3) N
Intensive calculus-based statistics. No graduate degree credit for College of Engineering and Applied Sciences students.

IEE 510 Measurement of Productivity. (3) S '97
The engineering economic audit and its use with applications to break-even analysis, variable budget control cost analysis, and product pricing. Prerequisites: ECE 380; IEE 205 or equivalent.

IEE 511 Analysis of Decision Processes. (3) S
Methods of making decisions in complex environments and statistical decision theory; effects of risk, uncertainty, and strategy on engineering and managerial decisions. Prerequisite: ECE 380.

IEE 520 Ergonomics Design. (3) S
Human physiological and psychological factors in the design of work environments and in the employment of people in man-machine systems. Open-shop lab assignments in addition to class work. Prerequisite: IEE 437 or 547.

IEE 530 Enterprise Modelling. (3) S
Focus on social, economic, and technical models of the enterprise with emphasis on the management of technological resources. Included are organization, econometric, financial, and large-scale mathematical models.

IEE 531 Topics in Engineering Administration. (3) S '98
Consideration given to philosophical, psychological, political, and social implications of administrative decisions. Prerequisite: IEE 532 or instructor approval.

IEE 532 Management of Technology. (3) F
Topics include designing a technical strategy; technological forecasting; interfacing marketing engineering and manufacturing; designing and managing innovation systems; creativity; application of basic management principles to technology management. Prerequisite: IEE 431 or 541 or instructor approval.

IEE 533 Scheduling and Network Analysis Models. (3) S '98
Application of scheduling and sequencing algorithms, deterministic and stochastic network analysis, and flow algorithms. Prerequisites: ECE 380; IEE 476 or 546.

IEE 541 Engineering Administration. (3) F
Introducing quantitative and qualitative approaches to management functions, engineering administration, organizational analysis, decision making, and communication. IEE 431 students ineligible.

IEE 542 Information System Design. (3) N
Emphasis on the application of system analysis and design to information systems. Microprocessor MIS project required. Open only to students without previous credit for IEE 422. Prerequisite: IEE 205 or equivalent.

IEE 543 Computer-Aided Manufacturing and Control. (3) F, S
Computer control in manufacturing, CIM, NC, logic controllers, group technology, process planning and robotics. IEE 463 students ineligible. Prerequisite: "C" programming capability.

IEE 544 Concurrent Engineering. (3) S
Understanding and analysis of complex design issues, including product attributes, manufacturing processes and service issues. IEE 464 students ineligible. Prerequisites: ECE 100; IEE 205.

IEE 545 Introduction to Simulation. (3) F, S
Using simulation and modeling in analysis and design of network and discrete systems with statistical aspects. IEE 475 students ineligible. Prerequisites: ECE 380; IEE 205.

IEE 546 Operations Research Techniques/Applications. (4) F, S
Linear programming, network optimization, Markov processes, queuing models, emphasizing model building for solving industrial system problems. IEE 476 students ineligible. Prerequisites: ECE 380; MAT 242.

IEE 547 Human Factors Engineering. (3) F
Study of people at work; designing for human performance effectiveness and productivity. Considerations of human physiological and psychological factors. Open only to students without previous credit for IEE 437.

IEE 548 Industrial Engineering Analysis. (3) S
Cost estimation and risk analysis including labor, material, overhead, budget limitations, quality, life cycle costs. IEE 488 students ineligible. Prerequisites: ECE 380; IEE 300.

IEE 552 Strategic Technological Planning. (3) S
Study of concept of strategy, strategy formulation process, and strategic planning methodologies with emphasis on engineering design and manufacturing strategy, complemented with case studies. An analytical executive planning decision support system is presented and used throughout course. Pre- or corequisite: IEE 545 or 566 or 567 or 574 or 575.

IEE 560 Database Concepts for Industrial Management Systems. (3) S
Application of object oriented database technology concepts to manufacturing and enterprise systems.

IEE 561 Production Control Information Systems. (3) F
Development of information system designs for production control. Topics include MRP I, MRP II, scheduling, sequencing, and inventory control. On-line design concepts are covered. Prerequisites: ASE 485 or 500; IEE 461; MAT 242.

IEE 562 Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Tools. (3) F
Current topics in automation, distributed control, control code generation, control logic validation, CAM integration, CAD/CAM data structures, planning for control systems. Topics vary by semester. Prerequisite: IEE 463 or 543 or equivalent.

IEE 563 Systems Analysis for Distributed Systems. (3) S
Analysis and design of distributed groupware applications for manufacturing and enterprise systems. Prerequisite: ECE 380.

IEE 564 Planning for Computer-Integrated Manufacturing. (3) F
Theory and use of IDEF methodology in planning for flexible manufacturing, robotics, and real-time control. Simulation concepts applied to computer-integrated manufacturing planning. Prerequisite: IEE 463 or 543.

IEE 565 Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Research. (3) S
Determination and evaluation of research areas in computer-integrated manufacturing, including real-time software, manufacturing information systems, flexible and integrated manufacturing systems, robotics, and computer graphics. Prerequisite: IEE 564.

IEE 566 Simulation in Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Planning. (3) F
Use of simulation in the planning of computer-integrated manufacturing planning related to robotics, flexible, and integrated manufacturing systems. Use of computer graphics combined with simulation analysis for CIM decision support. Prerequisite: IEE 475 or 545.

IEE 567 System Simulation. (3) S
Use of simulation in the analysis and design of systems involving continuous and discrete processes; simulation languages; statistical aspects of simulation. Prerequisite: IEE 475 or 545.

IEE 569 Advanced Statistical Methods. (3) F '96
Application of statistical inference procedures, based on ranks, to engineering problems. Efficient alternatives to classical statistical inference constrained by normality assumptions. Prerequisite: ASE 485 or 500.

IEE 570 Advanced Quality Control. (3) S
Economic-based acceptance sampling, multiattribute acceptance sampling, narrow limit gauging in inspector error and attributes acceptance sampling, principles of quality management, and selected topics from current literature. Prerequisite: ASE 485 or 500 or equivalent.

IEE 571 Quality Management. (3) F
Total quality concepts, quality strategies, quality and competitive position, quality costs, vendor relations, the quality manual, and quality in the services. Prerequisite: IEE 431 or 541.

IEE 572 Design of Engineering Experiments. (3) F, S
Analysis of variance and experimental design. Topics include general design methodology, incomplete blocks, confounding, fractional replication, and response surface methodology. Prerequisite: ASE 485 or 500.

IEE 573 Reliability Engineering. (3) S
Nature of reliability, time to failure densities, series/parallel/standby systems, complex system reliability, Bayesian reliability, and sequential reliability tests. Prerequisite: ECE 380.

IEE 574 Applied Deterministic Operations Research Models. (3) F
Formulation, solution, analysis, and application of deterministic models in operations research, including those of linear programming, integer programming, and nonlinear programming. Prerequisite: IEE 476 or 546.

IEE 575 Applied Stochastic Operations Research Models. (3) S
Application of stochastic models, including inventory theory, queuing theory, Markov processes, stochastic programming, and renewal theory. Prerequisite: ASE 485 or 500.

IEE 577 Decision and Expert Systems Methodology. (3) F
Systems approach to the analysis, design, and implementation of decision support systems. Emphasis on development of databases, model bases dialogs, and systems architecture as well as systems effectiveness. Introduction to expert systems as decision aid included. Term project required. Prerequisite: IEE 205 or equivalent.

IEE 578 Regression Analysis. (3) F
A course in regression model building oriented toward engineers/physical scientists. Topics include linear regression, diagnostics biased and robust fitting, nonlinear regression. Prerequisite: ASE 485 or 500.

IEE 579 Time Series Analysis and Forecasting. (3) F '97
Forecasting time series by the Box-Jenkins and exponential smoothing techniques; existing digital computer programs are utilized to augment the theory. Prerequisites: ASE 485 or 500; IEE 461.

IEE 582 Response Surfaces and Process Optimization. (3) S
An introduction to response surface method and its applications. Topics include steepest ascent, canonical analysis, designs, and optimality criteria. Prerequisite: IEE 572.

IEE 672 Advanced Topics in Experimental Design. (3) S '98
Engineering applications of factorial and fractional factorial designs with randomization restrictions, analysis techniques in parameter comparison, missing data, unbalanced designs. Prerequisite: IEE 572 or instructor approval.

IEE 677 Regression and Linear Models. (3) S '97
General linear models, applications, theory, including least squares, maximum likelihood estimation, properties of estimators, likelihood ratio tests and computational procedures. Prerequisite: IEE 578 or instructor approval.

IEE 679 Time Series Analysis and Control. (3) F '96
Identification, estimation, diagnostic checking techniques for ARIMA models, transfer functions, multiple time series models for feedback and feedforward control schemes. Prerequisite: IEE 579 or instructor approval.

IEE 681 Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability. (3) F '96
Organizing hardware and software, integrity and fault-tolerant design, maintenance design and strategy, Markov models, fault-free analysis, and military standards. Prerequisite: ECE 380.

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