Journalism (JRN)

JRN 401 Public Relations Techniques. (3) F, S
Theory and practice of publicity, public relations, and related techniques and procedures. Prerequisites: JRN 301 or TCM 315; major.

JRN 412 Editorial Interpretation. (3) N
The press as an influence on public opinion. The role of the editorial in analyzing and interpreting current events. Prerequisite: JRN 301.

JRN 413 Advanced Editing. (3) F, S
Theory and practice of newspaper editing, layout and design, picture, and story selection. Prerequisite: JRN 313.

JRN 414 Business and Industrial Publications. (3) F, S
Theory and practice of layout, typography, and design for magazines, brochures, and industrial publications. Prerequisite: JRN 401.

JRN 415 Writing for Public Relations. (3) F, S
Development of specific writing techniques for the practitioner in public relations agencies and divisions of major organizations. Prerequisite: JRN 401.

JRN 420 Reporting Public Affairs. (3) F, S
Instruction and assignments in reporting the courts, schools, government, city hall, social problems, and other areas involving public issues. Prerequisite: JRN 301.

JRN 440 Magazine Writing. (3) F, S
Writing and marketing magazine articles for publication. Prerequisite: JRN 301 or instructor approval.

JRN 451 Photojournalism II. (3) F, S
Theory and practice of photojournalism with emphasis on shooting, lighting, and layout for the media. Prerequisite: JRN 351.

JRN 452 Photojournalism III. (3) F, S
Advanced theory and practice of photojournalism with emphasis on the photo essay and illustrations in black and white and color. 2 hours lecture, 2 hours lab. Prerequisite: JRN 451.

JRN 465 Precision Journalism. (3) S
An advanced writing course with focus on reporting polls and surveys and other numerically-based stories as well as on understanding the concepts that underlie polls and surveys. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: JRN 301 or instructor approval.

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