Management (MGT)

MGT 413 Compensation Management. (3) A
Establishing base and incentive pay with job analysis, job evaluation, and wage surveys; performance appraisal; conformance to compensation laws. Prerequisites: MGT 311; professional program business student.

MGT 422 Training and Development. (3) N
Learning theory, orientation and basic level training, management development, resource materials and methods. Prerequisites: MGT 311; professional program business student.

MGT 423 Employee-Management Relations. (3) F, S
Employment relationship in union/nonunion setting. Employee-management rights/responsibilities, complaint administration, negotiations, union structure, and mock government negotiations.

MGT 424 Employee Selection and Appraisal. (3) F, S
Concepts and methods of personnel selection and performance appraisal. Includes job analysis, measurement, and legal issues. Experiential exercises emphasized. Prerequisite: MGT 311.

MGT 433 Management Decision Analysis. (3) F, S
Decision-making concepts and methods in the private and public sectors and their application to organizational problems. Understanding of individual and group decision making. Prerequisites: MGT 301; professional program business student.

MGT 434 Social Responsibility of Management. (3) F, S
Relationship of business to the social system and its environment. Criteria for appraising management decisions. Managers as change agents. Prerequisites: MGT 301; professional program business student.

MGT 440 Entrepreneurship. (3) A
Opportunities, risks, and problems associated with small business development and operation.

MGT 441 Venture Design and Development. (3) N
Analysis, design, and development of a business plan for a new venture. Prerequisite: ACC 240.

MGT 442 Small Business Management. (3) N
Students, acting as management consultants, apply business principles and make recommendations to small businesses while learning to manage small firms. Prerequisite: business core except MGT 463.

MGT 447 Management and the Impact of Technology. (3) N
The impact of technology on strategic planning and human resources management in business organizations.

MGT 452 Organizational Behavior Applications. (3) A
The complex set of behavioral forces and relationships that influence organizational effectiveness. Intervention strategies and application skills. Prerequisites: MGT 352; professional program business student.

MGT 459 International Management. (3) A
Concepts and practices of multinational and foreign firms. Objectives, strategies, policies, and organizational structures for operating in various environments. Prerequisite: MGT 301.

MGT 468 Management Systems. (3) F, S
Systems theory and practice applied to organization process and research. Organizations seen as open systems interacting with changing environments. Prerequisite: MGT 301.

MGT 494 Special Topics. (3) N
Chosen from topics in human resources, strategic management, and international management, including seminars in international management in Asia or Europe.

MGT 502 Organization Theory and Behavior. (3) F, S
Important concepts and applications in management including motivation, leadership, group dynamics, organization design, decision-making, communication, and organization change. Prerequisites: calculus; computer literacy; graduate degree program student.

MGT 503 Complex Organizations. (3) N
Concepts and applications in macro organization theory. Topics include organization structure, strategic choice, culture, boundary spanning, effectiveness, and different perspectives of interorganizational relations.

MGT 504 Competitive Strategy. (3) N
Industry, competitor, and firm strategic positioning analysis aimed at gaining sustainable competitive advantage. Lecture, discussion. Prerequisites: ECN 502, FIN 502, MGT 502, MKT 502.

MGT 520 Problems in Personnel Management. (3) A
Selecting, developing, maintaining, and utilizing a competent labor force. Case studies of personnel problems. Preparation of a written personnel program.

MGT 522 Labor Relations and Public Policy. (3) A
State and federal legislation. Recent decisions of courts and labor boards. Legal rights and duties of employers, unions, and the public.

MGT 559 International Comparative Management. (3) A
Analysis of comparative management practices, problems, and issues. Management strategies for the multinational organization. Impact of national and cultural environments.

MGT 589 Strategic Management. (3) F, S
Formulation of strategy and policy in the organization, emphasizing the integration of decisions in the functional areas. Prerequisites: ACC 503; BUS 502; CIS 502; ECN 502; FIN 502; MGT 502; MKT 502; OPM 502; QBA 502; completion of at least 36 hours of program of study credits.

MGT 591 Seminar. (3) N
Topics such as the following will be offered:
(a) Competitive Strategy
(b) Ethics
(c) Human Resources Systems
(d) Managerial Planning and Control

MGT 598 Special Topics. (3) N
Graduate special topics chosen from human resources, strategic management, and international management, including special topics in international management in Asia or Europe.

MGT 791 Seminar: Doctoral Seminar in Management. (3) A
Topics such as the following will be offered:
(a) Compensation
(b) Human Resource Management
(c) Organizational Behavior
(d) Organizational Theory
(e) Research Design and Methodology
(f) Strategic Management

Omnibus Graduate Courses: See omnibus graduate courses that may be offered.

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