Marketing (MKT)

MKT 411 Sales Management. (3) A
Application of management concepts to the administration of the sales operation. Prerequisite: MKT 302.

MKT 412 Promotion Management. (3) A
Integration of the promotional activities of the firm including advertising, personal selling, public relations, and sales promotion. Prerequisite: MKT 302.

MKT 424 Retail Management. (3) A
Role of retailing in marketing. Problems and functions of retail managers within various retail institutions. Prerequisite: MKT 300.

MKT 434 Industrial Marketing. (3) A
Strategies for marketing products and services to industrial, commercial, and governmental markets. Changing industry and market structures. Prerequisite: MKT 302 or instructor approval.

MKT 435 International Marketing. (3) N
Analysis of marketing strategies developed by international firms to enter foreign markets and to adapt to changing international environments. Prerequisites: MKT 302 or instructor approval; professional program business student.

MKT 451 Marketing Research. (3) F, S, SS
Integrated treatment of methods of market research and analysis of market factors affecting decisions in the organization. Prerequisites: MKT 302 and QBA 221 (with grades of "C" or higher).

MKT 460 Strategic Marketing. (3) F, S, SS
Policy formulation and decision making by the marketing executive. Integration of marketing programs and consideration of contemporary marketing issues. Prerequisites: MKT 302, 304, 451 (with grades of "C" or higher); professional program business student.

MKT 502 Marketing Management. (3) F, S
Managing the marketing function; market and environmental analysis; marketing planning, strategy, and control concepts. Development and management of marketing programs. Prerequisite: ECN 502.

MKT 520 Strategic Perspectives of Buyer Behavior. (3) N
Concepts and theories from the behavioral sciences as they relate to marketing strategy formulation. Prerequisite: MKT 502 or equivalent or instructor approval.

MKT 522 Marketing Information. (3) A
Marketing research, marketing information systems, and modern statistical techniques in marketing decision making. Prerequisite: MKT 502.

524 Services Marketing. (3) F, S
Strategies for marketing services emphasizing the distinctive challenges and approaches that make marketing of services different from marketing manufactured goods. Prerequisite: MKT 502 or equivalent.

MKT 563 Marketing Strategy. (3) A
Planning and control concepts and methods for developing and evaluating strategic policy from a marketing perspective. Prerequisite: MKT 502.

MKT 591 Seminar. (3) A
Topics such as the following will be offered:
(a) Product Strategy
(b) Channel Strategy
(c) Promotion Strategy
(d) Marketing in International Operations
(e) Advertising Strategy

Omnibus Graduate Courses: See omnibus graduate courses that may be offered.

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