Music Education (MUE)

MUE 548 Introduction to Research in Music Education. (3) F, SS
Survey of research methods and literature in music education. Focus on interpretation and evaluation.

MUE 549 Foundations of Music Education. (3) A
A treatment of historical perspectives, philosophy-aesthetics identified with music education, and learning theories applied to music teaching/learning. Basic research and writing skills appropriate to graduate studies in music education.

MUE 550 Studies in Music Curricula. (3) A
Scope and sequence of musical experiences. Development of criteria for the evaluation of music curricula.

MUE 551 Advanced Studies in Elementary School Music. (3) A
For experienced teachers; organization and content of the general music classes in kindergarten and the first 6 grades of elementary school. Emphasis on teaching music reading and ear training to young children.

MUE 552 General Music, Music Theory, and Music History Classes in the Junior and Senior High School. (3) N
Organization and content of school music classes which are not performance oriented.

MUE 553 Contemporary Elementary Music. (3) F
Identification and development of materials and techniques for teaching special units of music study to elementary (K–8) children.

MUE 564 Instrumental Music, Advanced Rehearsal Techniques. (3) A
An in-depth analysis of instrumental techniques in preparation for a thorough discussion of band tuning problems and solutions. Discussion of productive conducting and rehearsal techniques for school music teachers.

MUE 566 Instrumental Literature for Schools. (3) N
Comprehensive study and analysis of all types of instrumental music.

MUE 568 Choral Music, Advanced Rehearsal Techniques. (3) A
Musical and vocal techniques necessary for presentation of choral literature. Analysis and experimentation with psychological, acoustical, and other problems of rehearsal and performance.

MUE 570 Choral Literature for Schools. (3) A
Comprehensive study and analysis of choral music for the high school with special emphasis on octavo literature.

MUE 579 Psychology of Music. (3) N
The nature of musicality and its evaluation. A review of recent research.

MUE 585 Vocal Acoustics and Production. (3) A
An in-depth approach to the psychological/physiological workings of the vocal mechanism.

MUE 733 Contemporary Issues and Research in Music Education. (3) S
Emphasis upon recent research relating to music instruction at all levels; current and historical issues in choral, general, and instrumental music.

MUE 744 Higher Education Instruction. (3) F
Philosophical and psychological principles of college/university teaching. Patterns of music teacher education and a projection of course outlines.

MUE 755 Philosophy and Aesthetics in Music Education. (3) SS
Philosophy and aesthetics as they influence curriculum content and teaching procedures.

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