Operations and Production Management (OPM)

OPM 502 Operations and Logistics Management. (3) F, S
Conceptual foundations for the total operations and logistics functions for all types of organizations. Application of analytical methods to production problems. Prerequisites: ECN 502; QBA 502.

OPM 540 Quality and Productivity Management. (3) A
Organizational factors influencing quality and productivity in the production of goods and services. Quality and productivity strategies, improvement programs, and measurement systems. Prerequisite: OPM 502 or instructor approval.

OPM 581 Production and Inventory Management. (3) A
Planning and control of production and inventories in manufacturing and service systems. Includes strategic implications, decision-making models, and applications. Prerequisite: OPM 502 or instructor approval.

OPM 582 Capacity Management and Scheduling. (3) A
Capacity and scheduling decisions entailing the acquisition and allocation of a firm's resources, including work force, equipment, and facilities. Prerequisites: OPM 581; QBA 561.

OPM 585 Facilities Design and Management of Technology. (3) A
Decisions regarding management of facilities and technology for manufacturing and service firms. Facilities location, layout, process design, and selection. Prerequisites: OPM 581; QBA 561.

OPM 587 Project Management. (3) A
Planning, scheduling and controlling of projects in R & D, manufacturing, construction and services. Project selection, financial considerations, and resource management. Prerequisite: QBA 502.

OPM 791 Seminar. (3) N
Topics such as the following are offered:
(a) Doctoral Seminar in Production/Operations Management
(b) Doctoral Seminar in Logistics Systems

Omnibus Graduate Courses: See omnibus graduate courses that may be offered.

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