Physical Sciences (PHS)

PHS 110 Fundamentals of Physical Science. (4) F, S
One-semester survey of the principles of physics and chemistry. Understanding of elementary algebra is presumed. 3 hours lecture, 2 hours lab. General Studies: S1/S2.

PHS 361 Science and Society. (2) F, S
Fundamental principles of physical science as a creative human enterprise, and its relationship to technology and the environment.

PHS 362 Science and Society. (2) F, S
See PHS 361.

PHS 375 The Energy Crisis. (2–3) F, S
Current problems in energy resources, production, consumption, and conservation. No physics or mathematics prerequisites. Students registered for 3 hours participate in lecture and discussion.

PHS 410 Origins of the Physical Sciences. (3) N
Origins of astronomy, chemistry, physics, and mathematics in the cultures of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, and India.

PHS 411 Development of the Physical Sciences. (3) N
Hellenistic mathematics, physics, chemistry, and astronomy; Arabs and the physical sciences and their role in spreading the physical sciences to Europe; the development of the physical sciences in Europe until the time of Newton.

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