Landscape Architecture (PLA)

PLA 442 Landscape Construction I. (3) F
Landscape constructions focusing on landform transformations. Topics include landform analysis, grading, and earthwork. Studio. Prerequisite: admission to department's professional level or instructor approval.

PLA 443 Landscape Architecture Theory and Criticism. (3) S
Landscape architecture theories and projects are critically analyzed to evaluate validity of design and contribution to society. Prerequisites: PLA 310, 361, 420; PUP 412.

PLA 444 Landscape Construction II. (3) S
Characteristics of materials and methods used in landscape architectural construction. Studio. Prerequisite: PLA 442 or instructor approval.

PLA 461 Landscape Architecture V. (5) F
Landscape ecological planning: collection and application of ecological data relevant to planning and design at landscape scale. Studio. Prerequisite: PLA/PUP 362 or instructor approval.

PLA 485 International Field Studies in Planning and Landscape Architecture. (1–12) F, S, SS
Organized field study of planning and landscape architecture in specified international locations. May be repeated for credit with department approval. Study abroad. Cross-listed as PUP 485.

PLA 546 Urban Design Policy. (3) N
Advanced study of local, state, and federal urban design policy. Cross-listed as PUP 546. Prerequisite: PLA/PUP 420.

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