Urban and Environmental Planning (PUP)

PUP 412 History of the City. (3) F
The city from its ancient origins to the present day. Emphasis on European and American cities during the last five centuries. Cross-listed as APH 414. General studies: H.

PUP 420 Theory of Urban Design. (3) S
Analysis of the visual and cultural aspects of urban design. Theories and techniques applied to selected study models. Cross-listed as PLA 420. Prerequisite: junior standing. General studies: HU.

PUP 433 Zoning Ordinances, Subdivision Regulations, and Building Codes. (3) F, S
Analysis of zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, building codes, and other planning implementation techniques relative to local development.

PUP 442 Environmental Planning. (3) F
Environmental planning problems, including flood plains, water quality and quantity, solid and hazardous waste, air quality, landslides, and noise. Field trips. Prerequisite: PUP 301 or instructor approval.

PUP 444 Preservation Planning. (3) S
History, theory, and principles of historic preservation. Emphasis on legal framework and methods practiced. Lecture, off-campus field study. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

PUP 445 Women and Environments. (3) F
Examines the role women play in shaping the built environment; ways built/natural forms affect women's lives. Focus on contemporary U.S. examples. Prerequisite: upper division or graduate status. General studies: C.

PUP 452 Ethics and Professional Practice. (3) S
Ethical problems and issues in planning, professional practice, and decision making. Prerequisite: department major or instructor approval. General studies: L2.

PUP 485 International Field Studies in Planning and Landscape Architecture. (1–12) F, S, SS
Organized field study of planning and landscape architecture in specified international locations. May be repeated for credit with department approval. Study abroad. Cross-listed as PLA 485.

PUP 510 Citizen Participation. (3) S
Theory and practice of citizen participation in planning. Examines and critiques participation techniques and roles of planners. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

PUP 520 Planning Theories and Processes. (3) F
Review of past and current theoretical developments related to social change perspectives, the role and ethics of planners. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

PUP 524 Planning Methods I: Planning Research Methods. (3) F
Tools useful for urban planning research; emphasis on research design and survey methods. Prerequisite: PUP 301 or instructor approval.

PUP 525 Urban Housing Analysis. (3) F
Nature, dimensions, and problems of urban housing, government policy environment, and underlying economics of the housing market.

PUP 531 Planning and Development Control Law. (3) S
Case studies on police power, eminent domain, zoning, subdivision controls, exclusion, preservation, urban redevelopment, and aesthetic and design regulation.

PUP 532 Advanced Urban Planning Law. (3) S
Advanced study on selected issues in planning law, such as urban design controls, exclusionary practices, compensable regulation, and tax policy. Prerequisite: PUP 432 or instructor approval.

PUP 544 Urban Land Use Planning. (3) F
Theory and methods of urban land use planning, including the rational planning process, comprehensive, functional, and neighborhood plans. Prerequisite: PUP 301 or instructor approval.

PUP 546 Urban Design Policy. (3) N
Advanced study of local, state, and federal urban design policy. Cross-listed as PLA 546. Prerequisite: PLA/PUP 420.

PUP 561 Urban Design Studio. (4) N
Current urban form and urban landscape design problems within the Phoenix-centered region. Studio. Prerequisite: PLA/PUP 420 or instructor approval.

PUP 572 Planning Studio I: Data Inventory and Analysis. (4) F
Comprehensive planning workshop dealing with real community problems. Focus on the data gathering and analysis steps of the planning process. Prerequisite: Master of Environmental Planning student or instructor approval.

PUP 574 Planning Studio II: Options and Implementation. (4) S
Comprehensive planning workshop dealing with real community problems. Focus on the development of options, plan making, and plan implementation. Studio. Prerequisite: PUP 572 or instructor approval.

PUP 575 Environmental Impact Assessment. (3) S
Criteria and methods for compliance with environmental laws; development of skills and techniques needed to prepare environmental impact statements/assessments.

PUP 584 Internship. (3) F, S, SS (SS1 only)
Internship under the supervision of practitioners in the Phoenix area or other locales. Credit/no credit.

PUP 622 Planning Methods II: Quantitative Planning Analysis. (3) S
Methods and models used as the basic quantitative techniques of urban, regional, and environmental planning and policy analysis. Prerequisites: PUP 424; statistics; instructor approval.

PUP 642 Land Economics. (3) F
Land use and locational impact of economic activity and the urban real property market. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

PUP 644 Public Sector Planning. (3) N
Urban fiscal problems and public goods provision in state and local governments. Prerequisites: instructor approval; 1 course in microeconomics.

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