Reading Education (RDG)

RDG 481 Practicum: Elementary Reading. (3) F, S, SS
Practicum experience through supervised tutoring of K-8 public school students experiencing reading difficulty. Conducted in public school setting. Limited to students admitted to postbaccalaureate program. May be taken concurrently with RDG 315. Prerequisite: RDG 314.

RDG 505 Developmental Reading. (3) F, S, SS
For classroom and special reading teachers. Specific professional skills in decoding, comprehension, and evaluation. Required for Special Reading Endorsement. Prerequisite: teaching certificate.

RDG 507 Content Area Literacy. (3) F, S, SS
Theory, teaching strategies, and practical application concerning learning from text across subject matter disciplines.

RDG 533 Reading-Teaching Bilingual Students. (3) F, S
Acquaints teachers with theory and practice in second language acquisition and with strategies for developing word recognition and comprehension in native language and second language reading (Spanish-English emphasis).

RDG 544 Secondary Reading Programs. (3) S
Examines rationale for secondary reading programs (grades 7–12), teaching strategies, research, and program assessment. Prerequisite: RDG 507.

RDG 550 Practicum Experiences in Reading. (3) F, S, SS
Practicum experience utilizing assessment and instructional techniques for classroom settings. (See RDG 557 for State of Arizona reading endorsement.) Prerequisite: RDG 505 or equivalent.

RDG 556 Assessment Procedures in Reading. (3) F, S
Techniques for classroom and clinical reading assessment and instruction. Emphasis on continuous assessment. May be taken concurrently with RDG 557. Recommended for State of Arizona reading endorsement. Prerequisite: RDG 505.

RDG 557 Advanced Reading Practicum. (3) F, S
Advanced practicum experience utilizing specialized reading and other assessment and instruction techniques for classroom and clinic settings. Lab sections. Recommended for State of Arizona reading endorsement. May be taken concurrently with RDG 556. Prerequisites: RDG 505; instructor approval.

RDG 563 Children's Literature. (3) F, S, SS
Selecting and using children's literature and related nonprint media to support the elementary school curriculum. Cross-listed as LIS 563.

RDG 581 Literature-Based Reading Programs. (3) F, S, SS
For classroom and special reading teachers. The role of literature in the acquisition and development of literacy. Specific suggestions for helping students learn to read and/or expand their reading ability with literature. Introduction to literature studies. Prerequisite: teaching certificate.

RDG 582 Practicum: Literature Studies. (3) S
Practical application of literature study group principles in field sites or through on-campus simulations. Lecture, supervised practice. Prerequisite: RDG 581 or instructor approval.

RDG 629 Seminar: History of Reading Instruction and Research. (3) S
Recurrent themes, prominent authorities, and significant research and publications in the history of reading education and related curricula. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

RDG 630 Research in Reading. (3) F
For advanced graduate students interested in applied research problems, literature of reading instruction, and major issues related to reading research. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

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