Real Estate (REA)

REA 401 Real Estate Appraisal. (3) A
Factors affecting the value of real estate. Theory and practice of appraising and preparation of the appraisal report. Appraisal techniques. Prerequisites: REA 300; professional program business student.

REA 441 Real Estate Land Development. (3) A
Neighborhood and city growth. Municipal planning and zoning. Development of residential, commercial, industrial, and special purpose properties. Prerequisites: REA 300; professional program business student.

REA 456 Real Estate Investments. (3) A
Analysis of investment decisions for various property types. Cash flow and rate of return analysis. Prerequisites: FIN 300; professional program business student.

REA 461 Current Real Estate Topics. (3) N
Current real estate topics of interest are discussed and analyzed. Prerequisites: REA 300; professional program business student.

REA 591 Seminar in Selected Real Estate Topics. (3) N
Topics may be selected from the following:
(a) Real Estate Market Analysis.
Analytical techniques used in performing market research to assess the feasibility of proposed residential, retail, office, and other developments.
(b) Real Estate Finance and Investments.
Basic techniques for analyzing the financial feasibility of real estate investments. Includes cash flow, yield and risk analysis; taxation, form of ownership, and management.
(c) Real Estate Development.
Development process covering feasibility, site selection, planning, design, financing, and construction. Relationship of land use controls and regulations to the private sector.
(d) Real Estate Research.
Reviews current research in areas such as market studies, mortgage securement, valuation, development, investments, and government regulation.

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