Recreation (REC)

REC 500 Research Methods I. (3) A
Introduction to recreation research methods, with emphasis on methodological questions, research issues, and techniques relevant to contemporary social research. Prerequisite: 500-level or higher approved statistics course.

REC 501 Research Methods II. (3) N
Advanced treatment of methodological issues, analysis of data, computer applications, and thesis proposal development. Prerequisite: REC 500.

REC 540 Recreation Services for the Aged. (3) N
An applied orientation to the social/psychological theories of recreation and the aged.

REC 552 Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Leisure. (3) A
An analysis of the fundamental historical and philosophical concepts, issues, and problems confronting the leisure studies profession.

REC 555 Social and Psychological Aspects of Leisure Behavior. (3) A
An empirical and theoretical analysis of social, cultural, and psychological foundations of leisure behavior.

REC 558 Integrative Seminar. (3) A
Advanced exploration and assessment of current trends within the leisure studies profession. This course has variable topics, including, but not limited to: cross-cultural analysis of leisure, urban recreation, planning and resources, sociocultural dimensions of tourism development, wilderness management. Prerequisite: REC 552.

REC 569 Current Issues in Tourism. (3) A
General survey of the tourism literature with an emphasis on relevant theories, concepts, and current research.

REC 570 Social Aspects of Outdoor Recreation Management. (3) A
An analysis of the social aspects of natural resource recreation management and planning. Prerequisite: REC 370 or equivalent.

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