Religious Studies (REL)

REL 410 Judaism in Modern Times. (3) N
Variety of expressions of Judaism and Jewishness in the modern period. Topics may include American Judaism or religious responses to the Holocaust. General Studies: HU, H.

REL 415 The Jewish Mystical Tradition. (3) A
Examination of some of the esoteric lore of Judaism. Movements and literature such as Hasidism and Kabalah are studied. General Studies: HU.

REL 420 Religion in American Life and Thought. (3) A
The influence of religion on American society, culture, and ideas; the distinctive character of religion in America. Prerequisite: REL 320 or 321 or equivalent. General Studies: L2/HU.

REL 426 American Preachers and Preaching: The Sermon in America. (3) N
The life and work of notable American preachers. The emergence of the preacher as representative of American religion. Prerequisite: REL 320 or 321 or equivalent. General Studies: L2/HU.

REL 427 American Religious Thought. (3) N
The thought of representative American religious thinkers, i.e., Jonathon Edwards, William Ellery Channing, Horace Bushnell, and Reinhold Niebuhr. Prerequisite: REL 320 or 321 or equivalent. General Studies: HU, H.

REL 444 Religion in Japan. (3) F
Religion in Japanese history, especially the development of Japanese Buddhism, and religion in the modern transformation of Japan. Prerequisite: instructor approval. General studies: HU, G/H.

REL 454 Hindu Religious Thought. (3) A
Readings in classical systems, such as Samkhya and Vedanta, and in the works of modern Hindus, such as Aurobindo and Gandhi. REL 345 or 350 recommended.

REL 460 Studies in Islamic Religion. (3) A
Issues in the interpretation and understanding of Islamic texts, history, society, culture, and rituals. Prerequisites: REL 365 and Religious Studies major or instructor approval. General Studies: HU, G.

REL 470 Religion in the Middle Ages. (3) A
Religious aspects of medieval life and thought; variety of forms of dissent, heresy, and reform movements from the 4th to 13th centuries. General Studies: HU, H.

REL 471 Reformation and Modern Christianity. (3) A
Protestant Reformation to contemporary Christian movements; includes factors in the dissolution of the Medieval Christian synthesis, variety of reform movements and reformation patterns, Catholic counter-reform measures, formation of liberal theology, ecumenical movement, and the World Council of Churches. General Studies: HU, H.

REL 486 Modern Critics of Religion. (3) A
Major theories and critiques of religion among modern social, philosophical, and religious thinkers. General Studies: HU.

REL 494 Special Topics in Religious Studies. (3) N
Open to all students, freshmen by instructor approval only. Topics may be selected from various areas.

REL 498 Pro-Seminar in Religious Studies. (3) A
For students with a major or minor emphasis in Religious Studies.

REL 501 Research Methods in Religious Studies. (3) F
An exploration of the major themes and methods in the study of religion, with primary focus on classical texts. Lecture, discussion.

REL 502 Research Methods in Religious Studies. (3) F, S
An exploration of the major themes and methods in the study of religion, with primary focus on contemporary texts. Lecture, discussion.

REL 591 Seminar. (3) N
Topics on methodological issues in the study of religion. Prerequisite: Religious Studies graduate student or instructor approval.

REL 598 Special Topics. (3) F, S
Topics are selected from the following areas:
(a) Christianity, Greco-Roman Religion
(b) Comparative Western, Ancient Near East, Judaism
(c) Islam
(d) Native American Religion
(e) Problems in Religious Studies
(f) Religion in America
(g) Religion in East Asia
(g) Religion in South Asia
(i) Study of Religion, Comparative Religion
(j) Western Religious Thought, Ethics
May be repeated for credit.

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