Special Education (SPE)

SPE 411 Parent Involvement and Regulatory Issues. (3) F, S
Emphasis on parent and school relations through effective communication and state and federal regulations impacting services for the handicapped. Prerequisites: SPE 311; majors only.

SPE 455 Early Childhood and the Handicapped. (3) F
Early childhood education as it applies to the handicapped child.

SPE 511 The Exceptional Child. (3) F, S, SS
Educational needs of exceptional children and adults. Not recommended for students who have completed SPE 311.

SPE 512 Individuals with Mental Retardation. (3) F, SS
Etiology, diagnosis, and management of individuals with mental retardation. Current trends in prevention, programming, and teacher preparation. Not recommended for students who have completed SPE 312.

SPE 514 Bilingual/Multicultural Aspects of Special Education. (3) S
Theories and issues related to the education of bilingual and culturally diverse exceptional children.

SPE 515 Methods for the Remediation of Learning Problems of Exceptional Children. (3) S, SS
Methods and materials for remediating the basic academic problems of exceptional children. Prerequisites: SPE 511; a methods course in the teaching of reading and mathematics.

SPE 522 Academic Assessment of Exceptional Children. (3) F
Normative and criterion referenced assessment of learning problems in exceptional children. Formative evaluation included. Practicum required. Lecture, practicum. Prerequisites: SPE 311 or 511; elementary methods courses; program approval.

SPE 523 Prescriptive Teaching with Exceptional Children. (3) F
Language, reading, and arithmetic methods, techniques, and materials used in individualized instruction. Practicum required. Lecture, practicum. Prerequisites: elementary methods courses; SPE 311 (or 511), 522 (or concurrent and program approval).

SPE 524 Effective Classroom Behavior Management. (3) S
Organization and delivery of instruction including formative evaluation and techniques of academic behavior management for exceptional children. Practicum required. Lecture, practicum. Prerequisites: SPE 311 (or 511), 522, 523 and program approval.

SPE 525 Social Behavior Interventions. (3) S
Analysis and intervention into social behavior problems of exceptional students. Focus on strategies to change maladaptive social behavior. Practicum required. Prerequisites: SPE 311 or 511 or 522 or 523; program approval.

SPE 531 Behavior Management Approaches with Exceptional Children. (3) F, SS
Behavior management approaches for classroom behavior of exceptional children. Prerequisite: SPE 511 or equivalent.

SPE 536 Characteristics of Children with Behavioral Disorders. (3) F, SS
Variables contributing to behavior patterns of behaviorally disordered children.

SPE 551 Teaching Young Children with Special Needs. (3) S
Methods, materials, and curriculum for preschool and primary-aged children with special needs. Prerequisites: SPE 455 and 511 or equivalents.

SPE 552 Management of Individuals with Severe Handicaps. (3) S
Instruction and management of school-aged and adult individuals with severe, physical, or multiple handicaps. Prerequisites: SPE 511 or equivalent; instructor approval.

SPE 553 Developmental/Functional Assessment. (3) F
Teacher-focused developmental/functional assessment of preschool and severely, physically, and multiply handicapped individuals. Field experience required. Prerequisites: SPE 511 and 512 and 574 or equivalents.

SPE 554 The Parent/School Partnership. (3) S
Includes knowledge and procedures for involvement and training of parents and caregivers of preschool and severely handicapped individuals. Field experience required. Prerequisites: SPE 455 and 511 or equivalents.

SPE 561 Characteristics/Diagnosis of Learning Disabilities. (3) F, SS
Theories related to learning disabilities, including identification and characteristics.

SPE 562 Methods of Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities. (3) N
Various methods and intervention strategies for remediating learning disabilities of children and youth. Prerequisite: SPE 361 or 561.

SPE 574 Educational Evaluation of Exceptional Children. (3) F, SS
Design and statistical considerations of normative and criterion-referenced tests. Collection, recording, and analysis of data from formative evaluation. Prerequisites: SPE 511 or equivalent; a methods course in the teaching of reading and mathematics.

SPE 575 Current Issues in the Education of Exceptional Children. (3) F, SS
Mainstreaming, noncategorical, financing, legal diagnostic, labeling, legislative, and other critical and controversial issues related to the education of exceptional children.

SPE 577 Mainstreaming Methods. (3) S
Successful mainstreaming methods, practical problem-solving sessions related to teacher's classroom needs, and individual contracts focusing on mainstreaming issues are addressed. General educators encouraged.

SPE 578 Student Teaching in Special Education. (9–15) F, S
"Y" grade only. Prerequisites: completion of specified courses; approval by the special education program coordinator.

SPE 582 Classroom Research with Exceptional Children. (3) S
Introduction to interpreting research. Specific research techniques with primary emphasis on classroom research, including applied behavior analysis.

SPE 585 Creativity: Research and Development. (3) S
Nature of creativity explored in terms of philosophical underpinnings, empirical evidence, human development, self-actualization, and the ecology surrounding the creative event.

SPE 586 Advising the Gifted Child. (3) A
Focus on educational planning and guidance, social and emotional development, and family problem solving regarding needs of gifted children.

SPE 587 Controversies in Educating the Gifted. (3) F
In-depth analysis of major controversies in educating the gifted, including nature/nurture, the role of mental tests, and sex differences.

SPE 588 The Gifted Child. (3) F, SS
Gifted children's characteristics, identification, needs, school and home environments, definitions, and misunderstandings. Research by Pressey, Stanley, Terman, and others.

SPE 589 Methods in Teaching the Gifted. (3) S, SS
Methods in teaching elementary and secondary school gifted children, including individualized and computer-assisted instruction, team teaching. Prerequisite: SPE 588.

SPE 774 Characteristics and Causation of Exceptionality. (3) F
In-depth analysis of literature pertaining to causes of exceptionality and learning, educational, personal-social, and cognitive characteristics. Lecture, discussion.

SPE 775 Evaluation and Intervention in Special Education. (3) S
In-depth analysis of research and literature on evaluation procedures and intervention approaches for exceptional individuals at all age levels. Lecture, discussion.

SPE 781 Research and Evaluation in Special Education. (3) S
Issues and problems in conducting research and/or evaluation programs involving exceptional children.

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