Telecommunication (TCM)

TCM 431 Advanced Radio-TV Writing. (3) N
Technique and practice in nonnews writing for radio and television, emphasizing creative and commercial approaches to copywriting and copy presentations. Prerequisite: TCM 201.

TCM 433 Broadcast Sales and Promotion. (3) F, S
Basics of electronic media marketing practices, including commercial time sales techniques and radio/TV promotion fundamentals. Prerequisite: TCM 200.

TCM 435 Cable TV and Emerging Telecommunication Systems. (3) F, S
Structures and utilization of cable, industrial, and instructional television, satellite, and videocassettes. Prerequisite: TCM 200.

TCM 437 Advanced TV Production. (3) F, S
Emphasis on individual production projects of the student's own conception and design utilizing studio, field, and postproduction techniques. Prerequisite: TCM 235.

TCM 472 Broadcast Station Management. (3) F, S, SS
Management principles and practices, including organization, procedures, policies, personnel problems, and financial aspects of station management. Prerequisite: TCM 332.

TCM 480 Television News Practicum. (1–3) F, S
Writing, reporting, and production of the television newscast. Prerequisite: TCM 330.

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