Counseling Psychology (CPY)

CPY 613 Child Counseling. (3) N
Applications of counseling theory in working with children in clinics and elementary schools. Integrated practicum available with instructor approval. Prerequisite: CED 577 or equivalent.

CPY 622 Group Counseling. (3) F, S
Theories and methodologies used in group counseling. Prerequisites: CED 567 and 577 or equivalents.

CPY 634 Organizational Development and Planned Change. (3) N
Organizational/individual dynamics, including theory, analysis, techniques, and consultation/intervention strategies used in organizational development. Field consultation projects. Prerequisites: CED 567 and 577 or equivalents.

CPY 644 Psychology of Careers. (3) S
Advanced career counseling, including theory, research, and practice. Prerequisite: CED 577 or equivalent.

CPY 645 Professional Issues and Ethics. (3) F, S
Ethical, legal, and professional issues of concern to practitioners and researchers functioning in a variety of settings. Prerequisites: CED 512 and 523 or equivalents.

CPY 667 Patterns of Behavior Disorders. (3) A
Etiology and treatment of a variety of psychological problems, particularly those represented in DSM III-R. Prerequisite: CED 577 or equivalent.

CPY 672 Human Diversity: Social Psychological Perspectives. (3) A
Implications for psychological practice of social, psychological, and biological factors in the development of behavioral differences.

CPY 674 Counseling Women. (3) F
Explores women’s development and its implications for counseling. Sexism in mental health, sex differences in diagnosis and psychopathology, and women’s particular treatment needs.

CPY 675 Counseling Interventions in Stress Management. (3) N
Theory, procedures, and application of stress management techniques, including biofeedback, meditation, relaxation, autogenic therapy, visualization, and imagery. Prerequisites: CED 577 or equivalent; instructor approval.

CPY 677 Advanced Counseling. (3) N
Advanced topics in counseling theory, research, and practice. Prerequisite: CED 577 or equivalent.

CPY 679 History and Systems of Psychology. (3) A
Examination of the development and differentiation of the discipline of psychology from its origins in philosophy to the present.

CPY 701 Science and Practice of Counseling Psychology. (3) F
Directed experiences involving the integration of theory, research, and practice in counseling psychology. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

CPY 702 Research Methods in Counseling Psychology. (3) A
The application of experimental and/or quasi-experimental methods to theory construction and treatment evaluation in counseling psychology. Prerequisite: COE 502 or equivalent.

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