Health Care Related (HCR)

HCR 294 ST: Clinical Health Care Ethics. (3) F, S, SS
Effective summer session 1998.
An introduction to health care ethics with an emphasis on analysis and ethical decision making at both the clinical and health policy levels for health care professionals. Theoretical foundations of bioethics will be reviewed within historical and contemporary sociocultural contexts.

HCR 294 ST: Culture and Health. (3) F, S
Effective spring 1999.
Relationship between cultures of diverse groups and health/illness. Emphasis on cross-cultural communication, including awareness of own cultural influences, and indigenous and alternative healing practices. Prerequisite: ASB 202

HCR 294 ST: Health Care Organization. (3) F, S
Effective fall 1998.
Overview of United States health care delivery systems; financing, health policy, impact of managed care, and basic principles of budgeting, cost-benefit analysis, and resource management.

HCR 294 ST: Pathophysiology. (4) F, S
Effective fall 1999.
Chemical, biologic, biochemical, and psychological processes are used as a foundation for the understanding of alterations in health. The structural and functional pathophysiology of alterations in health are examined and selected therapeutics are considered. Prerequisites: BIO 202 and MIC 205 and 206 or equivalents.

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