Indian Education (IED)

IED 411 Foundations of Indian Education. (3) F, S
Historical development of Indian affairs and Indian education, including contemporary educational issues, traditional Indian concepts of education, and Indian cultures.

IED 422 Methods of Teaching Indian Students. (3) F
Philosophies, methodologies, and materials used in Indian education. Examination of local and tribal classroom materials. Experimentation with new teaching concepts. Prerequisite: IED 411.

IED 433 Counseling the Indian Student. (3) A
Techniques and methods used in counseling, with emphasis on understanding Indian cultures and values. Experimentation with new counseling concepts. Prerequisite: IED 411.

IED 498 PS: Navajo Language. (3) F, S
Course is designed for Navajo and non-Navajo speaking students that have little or no knowledge of the Navajo language in its written form. Emphasis on development of reading, writing, and speaking skills.

IED 500 Administration and Management of Indian Education Programs. (3) A
Emphasis on educational leadership research and practice in the schooling of American Indian students. Effective practices will be examined.

IED 594 Workshop in Indian Education. (6) SS
Curriculum, pedagogy, community involvement, current issues, and research will be examined.

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