Information and Management Core (IMC)

IMC 233 Desktop Publishing and Infographics. (3) F, S
Introduction to software and hardware used for desktop publishing and infographics. Lecture, lab.

IMC 331 Quality Assurance. (3) S
Instrumentation and methodologies for materials testing and quality control in various manufacturing processes. Lecture, field trips.

IMC 346 Management Dynamics. (3) F, S
Management challenges and the leadership skills needed to achieve organizational objectives in the changing industrial and technical environments. Prerequisite: junior standing.

IMC 396 Professional Orientation. (1) F, S
Senior advisement, industry presentations, and career counseling.

IMC 470 Project Management. (3) S
Introduction to techniques for managing small groups within larger organizations, including team building, motivating, planning, tracking activities, and computer tools. Prerequisites: ECN 111; IMC 346; ITM 344.

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