Operations and Production Management (OPM)

OPM 301 Operations and Logistics Management. (3) F, S, SS
Identification and integration of major components of operations and logistics management and their impact on organizational productivity and performance. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: QBA 221.

OPM 394 Special Topics. (3) N
Current topics in operations and production management, primarily designed for nonbusiness majors. See the Schedule of Classes for current offerings, which may, for example, include Operations and Logistics Management for nonmajors.

OPM 502 Operations Management. (3) A
Contemporary management issues, including environmental, project, and supply chain management; new product development; quality control; TQM. Prerequisites: computer literacy; graduate degree program student.

OPM 540 Quality and Productivity Management. (3) N
Organizational factors influencing quality and productivity in the production of goods and services. Quality and productivity strategies, improvement programs, and measurement systems. Prerequisite: OPM 502 or instructor approval.

OPM 582 Capacity Management and Scheduling. (3) A
Decisions regarding management of technology for manufacturing and service firms. Facilities location, layout, process design and selection, and manufacturing strategy. Prerequisite: QBA 561 or instructor approval.

OPM 585 Facilities Design and Management of Technology. (3) A
Decisions regarding management of facilities and technology for manufacturing and service firms. Facilities location, layout, process design, and selection. Prerequisite: QBA 561.

OPM 587 Project Management. (3) A
Planning, scheduling and controlling of projects in R & D, manufacturing, construction and services. Project selection, financial considerations, and resource management. Prerequisite: QBA 502.

OPM 591 Seminar. (3) A
Topics such as the following offered:
(a)High Performance Management Systems
(b)Manufacturing Strategy
(c)New Product and Process Development

OPM 593 Applied Projects. (3) A
Cross-functional teams initiate (possibly implement) organizational change within a local firm. Lecture, discussion, experiential learning. Prerequisite: completion or concurrent enrollment in all core courses in the M.B.A. program.

OPM 791 Doctoral Seminars in Operations and Production Management. (1) N
Short module seminars such as:
(a)Management of Technology
(b)Manufacturing Strategy
(c)Operations Management
(d)Project Management

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